What Is A Transshipment And How Does It Affect Transit Times?

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Vehicles are shipped overseas in containers and the shipping process might not be direct. Your vehicle might need to be shifted to another vessel during the shipping process. By learning about transhipment you can learn about the way it works and why the transshipment time increases sometimes. 

Why It Is Required?

Transshipment is required when there is a lack of direct shipping routes. For instance, if you need to transport your vehicle from Australia to California then it is possible to do the shipping directly. But transshipment is adopted as a means to save the shipment charges. The direct shipment of your vehicle would cost you higher but transit time would have been reduced. After choosing transshipment you got your transit expenses reduced and the time of shipment would depend on the efficiency of the service providers. You can also go through schumachercargo.com.

Possible Delays

If your container has to be transferred from one shipping vessel to another then it can lead to a month delay in the transferring process. The process of unloading can take a week-long duration. This can be due to the congestion on the port that the unloading of the incoming ship gets delayed. Post that the reloading of the container to the ship that would carry it to the destination can stretch it to another week. Due to these unloading and reloading delays, there can be congestion on the port. Subsequently, this will lead to a month-long delay. 

Transshipment Tracking

The online tracking feature is used for tracking the transshipment of your cargo. You simply need to reach the website of the ship containing your vehicle and enter the details of your vehicle. It will show you the details regarding the departure and arrival of the ship. You can get the details regarding the second vessel in which your cargo would be shifted. It will provide you the complete details regarding the departure and arrival of the second ship.  

Transshipment at Container Ports

In this type of transshipment the containers that are handled at the terminal port, are stored in a stack temporarily and post that they are transferred to the shipping vessel that leads them to their destination. There are mainly two different types of transshipments. One is seaborne transshipment and another is inland water transshipments. 

Transshipment At Seas

In this type of shipment, the goods are transferred from ship to another. Generally, this type of transshipment is practiced by global fisheries for shipping the catch. 

Transshipment at Break of Gauge

In railways, this type of transshipment, “break of gauge” occurs when the line of a gauge gets connected to another gauge. The second gauge belongs to a different track. This might or might not include any storage in between. Railroads, rail wagons, and flatcars are all used for this type of transshipment. 

Cost of Transshipment

The shipping cost depends on the three factors namely:-

  1. Location of vehicle
  2. Dimension/ Size
  3. Destination Requirement

It would cost you less money if you choose to ship your vehicle in a shared container. The shipping cost varies depending on the place of shipment, the means of shipment and the number of goods to be shipped. It is preferable to ship a vehicle in a shared container if you wish to pay the minimum cost of shipment. 

Wrapping Up

Schumacher Cargo Logistics can be the right choice for the cargo shipments because we follow proper logistics and our policies and ability to handle transshipment problems is pretty good. If your vehicle needs to be cross-docked then there are certain responsibilities that should not be undermined. We have our own warehouses and so you can allow us to handle the packing, trucking, loading, crating and warehousing services if you live in the USA. We provide our international shipping services in Miami, Savannah, New York, LA, Houston, and New Jersey. We do the shipping in three different methods. 

They are Container car shipping, Roll-on roll-off car shipping, air freight car shipping. Under container car shipping, there are two options that you can choose from a consolidated container and sole use car container. This allows you to choose as per your convenience and budget.


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