What happens if I open a new amazon account after my last one got banned?

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Negosentro.com | What happens if I open a new amazon account after my last one got banned? | By registering on Amazon as a seller, you unwittingly become an essential part of this intricate world. And you have to put all your efforts in order to stay afloat. However, sometimes Amazon can be too cruel in its decisions and refuses to work with you as easily as you expect. And now you are back to square one. But there are sellers who are not going to lean back from their goals and do their best in order to save their Amazon business. 

A Clean Slate

When Amazon refuses to reinstate your suspended Amazon account, alternatively, you can start working on creating a new Amazon account. But there are several tricky points that you have to consider before diving into this process. First of all, by creating your new Amazon account you should keep in mind that you must not use the same information of your suspended account, including a unique bank account, credit card, e-mail, physical address, telephone number, driving license, tax information and so on. 

Can I have two Amazon accounts with different emails?”

Yes, provided that everything else is separate as well. 

Even a minor derogation from the rules can take a wrong turn and get you suspended. Also, you should not use the same IP address which is associated with your old suspended account. 

By implementing all these steps, you will keep your business safe from any negative consequences.   

You can also check out the likes of younglanesappealservices.com who have helped over 5,000 Amazon Sellers reinstate their Amazon Seller Accounts and ASINs since 2014. In fact, their core sector of expertise is dealing with Amazon Seller Suspended Accounts and reinstating them in the shortest possible time.

What is Risk?

If Amazon finds any inconsistencies in your new account information, it will start taking actions against you. As a rule, most of the sellers who use the information of their suspended account are at risk of getting hit with verification suspensions. This means that Amazon asks you to provide all the documentation that Amazon requests. And here comes the trickiest part, since once you submit the same documentation of your suspended account, your problems will start again. As a result, you might get hit with both verification and linked account suspension. 

We’re Not Here To Brush Things Under The Rug

As real professionals, our Amazon appeal service, Got Suspended?, is good at handling these issues. We are not afraid of complex problems, so we are open to reinstate even the toughest suspended cases. By cooperating with us, you don’t have to open a new account and get stuck in paperwork hell. We can easily handle all kinds of account suspension, from verification to linked account suspension. Our appeal reinstatement service will help you identify the root cause of your suspension and provide you with a uniquely-drafted Plan of Action for your account’s fast reinstatement. Feel free to contact us, and we will solve all your issues as fast possible! 

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