What do you need to know before choosing a Call Center Software for the Philippines?

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Negosentro|What do you need to know before choosing a Call Center Software for the Philippines?|With the evolution of call centers in the Philippines, the Philippines market has seen tremendous growth and it has become the outsourcing hub for businesses across the globe. However, managing a call center could be tedious if you do not know which call center software would fit your business needs. Customers need a simple solution to all their problems and if you want to become the people’s brand, you need to know where your customers are and what do they expect from your business.

Having said that, let’s explore the type of call centers and how do they fit your business needs.

  • Inbound Call Center Software: If you get multiple incoming queries and requests in a day, then your business needs an inbound call center. And what to look for in an inbound call center software are its robust features that have dynamic routing algorithms, IVR (interactive voice response), ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) to ensure that the calls are routed to the best-suited agent and the customers find answers to their queries without any complications.
  • Outbound Call Center Software: Do you make a sell over a call? If a business is dependent on making outbound calls, then an outbound call center software is needed to cater to the business-specific needs. An effective solution will typically have an Auto Dialer to automate the dialing process and enhances business productivity. In the Insurance sector, businesses seek advanced dialing capabilities to meet the requirements of their customers. 
  • Blended Call Center Software: Does your business depend upon incoming and outgoing calls? If yes, then you need a blended solution that allows easy movement of agents from inbound campaign to outbound campaign. Agents are responsible for handling both inbound and outbound calls as is required. In the banking sector, incoming queries for loan processing and outbound calling for cross-selling and up-selling are considered important equally.

Once you choose the right software for your business, you need to evaluate the features that the software used in call center requires.

  1. Automatic Call Distributor: To improve first call resolution (FCR), and leveling up your customer’s satisfaction by routing them to best-suited agents, call center software must have ACD. 
  2. IVR for Self Service: Get most of your routine queries resolved over IVR, allowing customers to find answers quickly without seeking any external support. This also reduces the agents’ workload and enhances their productivity.
  3. Integration Capabilities: You may need to integrate your existing or a third-party CRM with call center software. Having a call center software that allows integration with leading applications enables the call center agents to work effectively and deliver to customer’s expectations.
  4. Auto Dialer: With an effective dialing algorithm, businesses can have the best time dealing with their customers. Depending upon the business sizes and industry, you can choose from dialers such as the predictive dialer, progressive dialer, and preview dialer.
  5. Call Quality Monitoring: Of course, this goes without saying that any business depends upon the end results of their investment. With extensive monitoring tools such as barging, whisper, conference, and transfer, supervisors can keenly observe the call activity for each agent and score them for their performance.
  6. Omnichannel Conversation: Customers like to reach you through their preferred channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email, Call, and more. Be present where your customers are to ensure that no interaction goes unnoticed and no query goes unresolved.
  7. Agent Desktop Tool: Now, agents that are bottlenecked with query resolution, may make mistake while switching between multiple tabs to assist customers through their journey. With a unified agent desktop (UAD), agents have an edge to deliver the quality answers because all customer information is stored in one interface.

Did you check with your call center solution provider about the scalability of your business?

While opting for a call center solution, it is important to keep a budget frame aligning with your business goals. A call center software that allows you to scale up or down with ease according to the call volumes and business expansion. Ask your vendor about the dependency on tech-support while scaling your business and how much cost is involved.

With the advent of technologies and rise in the competition, the call center software solution provider in the Philippines needs to ensure that the businesses are delivering best-in-class customer service with the features that customers will love. After a careful evaluation of these features, you can deliver the service that your customers want and no one can stop you from being a people’s bran


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