What Do You Need to Know About Residential Asbestos Removal?

asbestos removal

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Asbestos is made of mineral fiber. This can be easily identified by using specific kind of microscope. These fibers are of different kinds. Earlier in the past, asbestos was added either to strengthen products or to insulate products or even provide resistance from fire. This was used in different building materials as asbestos based glues were very good for vinyl floors and they provided so many benefits to the home. Asbestos was used in siding materials and in roofing materials, for shingles for insulation of walls and the attic. It was also used in wall patching as well as for textured paint.

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Use and need to remove

These were used for artificial ashes and in gas fireplaces and also the stove tops, the floors and walls which were around wood burning stoves and the floor tiles and the backing of the floor. Asbestos blankets were used on steam pipes and even in furnaces for insulation of gaskets. However, there were a lot of problems which were discovered as a result of using asbestos and that is the reason why asbestos has been banned in most countries. Asbestos danger comes when the microfibers are inhaled. These fibers when they reach the lungs, it increases the risk of cancer as these fibers adhere to the mucous linings and they even penetrate the chest cavities and lungs. If asbestos is found in the home, you should employ certified professional for asbestos removal. However, if you do not intend renovating or remodeling and thereby disturbing the fibers, you do not need to remove the asbestos.  However, if there are fibers being released then this needs to be removed due to the extreme risks.

  • The asbestos contractor before starting asbestos removal should provide you with a written contract which specifies the plan of the work, the cleanup and also the regulations which will be followed as per the local, state and federal laws. At the end of the job, the contractor needs to give written assurance that the procedures are followed.
  • The contractor also needs to ensure that the asbestos dust does not spread to other areas and that all the materials and disposable equipment is placed in leak proof and sealed bags which are made of heavy duty plastic during the asbestos removal.
  • He or she should keep the place free of debris and dust and use wet rags or mops or vacuum cleaners so that they can clean the entire area. He or she should not break the material into small pieces as there could be asbestos fibers released into the air.
  • The wetting agent should be applied and the work site is too marked as a hazardous zone. The asbestos removal should also be only disposed of in places where the local authorities have permitted asbestos to be disposed of.

The home owner should know that when there is asbestos removal done they should never use a hard wire brush to clean the surface, there should not be power wetting done or even vacuum cleaning done on the asbestos. The asbestos removal process needs to be carefully handled so that it does not break or splinter. The asbestos should be wet before handling as that will prevent fibers from flying. Also, the homeowner should not eat, drink or smoke in the vicinity and not allow pets close as well. They should wear a protective mask over the face and gloves to protect any chance of the fibers being inhaled or consumed. The asbestos should never be disposed with the rest of the garbage too. So, it is best to take professional help in the asbestos removal process.