What Are the Types of Gas Heaters and What Are Their Benefits?


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Talking about gas heaters, they are basically space heaters which are used to heat an area of the house. These heaters run on natural gas, butane or propane, liquefied petroleum. When it comes to these heaters, they can be classified into to 2 different categories, which are

  • Vented and
  • Vent less

These heaters are very popular in those places which experiences extreme winters. The fact that they can be run with the help of natural gas and no electricity is required has made them easily useable anywhere. These heaters are available in different specifications. 

The Vent Less Gas Heaters and Their Benefits

As mentioned, there are 2 different types of these heaters which are available in the market; the vented ones and the vent less. When it comes to the vent less heaters, they are more popular than their vented counterparts as they offer certain benefits. Apart from being cost-effective, these heaters also provide your home a cozy and comfortable zone during the winter months, and your overall interior of the home remains healthy and free from pollution. Reasons why these heaters have become quite popular among home owners:

  • Cost Effective: These heaters consume less amount of fuel which means that the running cost is lesser
  • No Fumes: When it comes to the vent less heaters, they do not emit any kind of fumes whatsoever. These heaters are atmosphere friendly. In case of others gas heaters, they emit the harmful Carbon Monoxide gas, which can be fatal to the health and can cause serious damage to the lungs if inhaled at a regular basis. The vent less heaters does not pose any such threats.
  • Healthy: Since there are no fumes involved, they offer more healthy heating solutions when it comes to domestic usage.

Gas Heaters Emit No Sound and They Are Easier to Operate:

  • Wider Reach: When it comes to the heat generated by these heaters, they have a much wider reach and can cover a long range of area, which is not the case with the vented heaters.
  • Soundless: Most of the vent less heaters do not produce any kind of sounds and hence they do not cause noise pollution
  • User Friendly: When it comes to installing and using these heaters, they are very easy to handle and are quite user friendly. They can be turned on and off simply with the flick of a switch. However, there is one aspect that needs to be checked on a regular basis, which is connection which leads to the gas supply. It must be made sure that the connection is devoid of any kinds of leakages.

The vents less heaters are available in the market in abundance. They are available in different sizes and with different specifications.

What Are Propane Gas Heaters?

When it comes to the heaters which run on propane, these days they are very common when it comes to domestic usage.

  • These heaters are available in different designs and can be a perfect heating solution for both domestic and commercial purposes.
  • There are different types of gas heaters available in the market. These heaters have gained so much in popularity in the market because they are cheaper compared to their electric counterparts and are less expensive when it comes to operating costs.

These heaters pose much lesser amount of threat. They are available in various sizes with different specifications. These days, portable heaters are also available in the markets which are ideal for using in small rooms and garages, an especially in those areas of the world, where there are extreme temperature fluctuations.

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