What are the traits of a narcissist boss?

What are the traits of a narcissist boss? Homo economicus Economic Man

Negosentro | What are the traits of a narcissist boss? | Do you suspect your boss might be a narcissist? Have they been exhibiting some behavioural patterns that are making you suspicious or convinced that they are? What are the typical traits of a narcissistic boss that you should look out for and how can you deal with a boss who is genuinely suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Let’s take a look at some of the key characteristics of a narcissist boss, so you’re fully aware of what to look for and so you can learn how to deal with them. 

They Take the Credit for the Work of Others

This is a classic sign that your boss may indeed be a narcissist if they are forever claiming the credit for the work others in the company have done. While there’s nothing wrong with them taking a little credit, as they are in charge, but to take the entire credit for someone else’s hard work is merely their way of feeding ego and insecurity that is constantly looking for adulation and recognition, even at the expense of others around them. 

Toxic Work Environments

It’s important to know and understand that narcissistic bosses thrive on power. One way they can create the power scenario that they desire is to create a toxic work environment. This is often achieved through chaos or dividing the workforce so that employees are constantly bickering or at odds with one another. While this seems extremely counterproductive in a work environment that depends on teamwork and getting things done, power is a higher priority to the narcissist than productivity or harmony between work colleagues. 

“All Talk and No Action” Is a Narcissistic Trait

Is this what your boss is like? Do they like to talk the talk but never back up that constant verbalising with any significant or meaningful action?

Any leader who is constantly making grandiose statements, usually to impress those around them or visitors to the business, but doesn’t exhibit the ability to actually put those words into practice, is someone who is all talk and no action. This is a typical narcissistic character trait.

Narcissists Have a Superiority Complex

If your boss is a true narcissist, this means they believe they are superior to everyone else who works in the company and probably every single person they come into contact within their day-to-day lives as well.

One of the biggest complaints people have about working for a narcissist is their failure to take responsibility for anything. If something goes wrong, it’s always someone else’s fault and never theirs. This is because they honestly believe, from a delusional mindset, that they can do no wrong.

It’s also for this reason that they don’t like boundaries and often fail to respect the boundaries of others around them. In other words, the rules that apply to others simply don’t apply to someone as superior as them.

Tips To Deal With a Boss Who Is a Narcissist

If a narcissistic boss is simply too much to bear and you have options, the smartest decision might be to find another job and leave that toxic workplace in the dust.

If that’s not an option right now or you just don’t want to quit, feeling like that gives the narcissist a win, what else can you do?

One thing you should do is to start documenting what your boss does, just in case things escalate to a point where you need to take things further.

You should also try and avoid alone time with your boss as much as possible. Otherwise, you could end up being the very person they vent on if there is no one else around.

It’s also important to understand that a narcissistic boss is never likely going to change their behaviour. It’s the way they inherently are and to try to even explain their behaviour to them would simply be incomprehensible in their mind. A narcissist simply won’t understand what you’re on about.

Also, seek the support of your loved ones and coworkers and even consider talking things over with a counsellor. Your self-care is important.

The Takeaway

Now you know some of the things to look for to determine if your boss is indeed a narcissist. What you do from that point is really a matter of personal choice.

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