What are the Top Tools to Plan & Launch Your Mobile Application Successfully?

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Negosentro.com | What are the Top Tools to Plan & Launch Your Mobile Application Successfully? | Are you planning to launch a mobile application for your business? You may face various problems at the time of planning and launching your own app as you are not aware with some of the important things. If you have decided to launch a mobile application for your brand, you make sure that you make it worth downloading for your customers.

But how will you make your application unique that stands out? Imagine you have a tool that helps you to develop a mobile app that is worth downloading for your users. There are four exceptional tools that allow you to plan, develop, and launch your mobile application successfully. 

No matter whether you are planning to develop an iPhone application or Android, these four tools can help you ensure that your users love your app in terms of features and functionalities. Below, you can find top five tools that come with enormous features to make your work a lot simpler.

Top Five Tools to Plan & Launch Your Mobile Application

LucidCharts For Planning the App Flow

Before you start developing your mobile application, you need to invest in developing a user flow or user journey so that it becomes easy for you to finalize the flow of your app. making a user flow or user journey is extremely important if your app is complex like an eCommerce or any big enterprise app.

When it comes to developing a big mobile application, there are many screens and different ways that a user can get to them; therefore, when you are developing the app, you will likely need to develop more than one user flow.

The size of the application determines whether a tool like LucidCharts can be used to develop a mobile app or not as it helps you to make a user-flow of the app. In addition to this, this high-end tool gives a crystal-clear picture of your app like how screens and actions of the app can take users to the second step.

We all know that mapping and planning the application’s flow is major part of any app development project; however, if you are planning for smaller mobile app projects, this type of tool can overload.


LaunchKit is a complete set of easy-to-use tools for mobile app developers to develop, launch and monitor their developed apps. This comprehensive set of tools will save your huge amount of time. Using these high-end tools, the team can easily finish essential tasks with web-based tools that anyone can make use of.

Screenshot builder, app website builder, and review monitor are the three top tools of this kit, allowing users to get huge help in their task. When it comes to Screenshot builder, it makes it a lot simpler to develop wonderful and custom images for your app store page and export them in the resolutions Apple and Google require.

While LaunchKit’s App Website Builder makes it simple for any application developer to create and host a fully responsive website for their application whereas LaunchKit’s Review Monitor is completely free service, enabling users to checks the App Store for new reviews and posts them to your Slack channel or sends them to your email.


Mippin is the best platform that is well-known for its ease of use. It has made it easy for developers to create applications for Android, iOS, and Windows and delivers flexibility in designing the application.

With this tool, any media owner can develop a native, cross-platform application in just minutes. So far, the tool has developed 100000+ applications successfully and published in app stores worldwide.

World’s leading app builder platform, Mppin can distribute your application to the iTunes, Android, Windows, and Amazon stores. Native applications can cost as much as $999 per year only.


MyAppBuilder makes use of PhoneGap framework, enabling you to develop applications using standardized web API’s for the platforms you care about. Using web technologies, you can easily develop apps that you know and love HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

It can develop an iPhone or Android app for you; however, all you need to provide content like videos, books, etc. and their pros will take it from there. There is no need of technical background to develop an application with MyAppBuilder. Even it will take the hassle of uploading it to the application store for you.

Moreover, it can develop two applications per month once you register and pay a $29 monthly membership fee.


SwebApps is a completely simple, inexpensive way to develop, track, and update a native mobile application for your business. You can create own your own iPhone and Android application online. Once the app is obtainable to download via the iTunes Store or Android Marketplace, you can easily update content in real-time through SwebApps.

Talking about the basic package that comprises one app for one platform, needs a $399 development fee for one-time. However, the hosting costs an extra $29 per month. Developing your own application with SwebApps can be a wonderful way to differentiate your brand to open-up new revenue channels.

So, these are top five tools that can help you to come-up with the app that’s best suited your business. However, if you have an exceptional mobile app idea in your mind, you can discuss with a leading mobile app development company that has experience of developing varied apps. 

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