What Are Personas and How Can They Help Customer Success?

How Can They Help Customer Success

Negosentro | What Are Personas and How Can They Help Customer Success? | When you are determining how you can become invaluable to your customers, the first thing you are going to want to consider is how you can relate to them. Without an understanding of where your customers are coming from and their pain points, it can be difficult to make informed decisions when it comes to your business. This is where creating personas can be extremely helpful for both you and your team when it comes to your customer success journey.

Here is some information on personas and how they can help your business become more customer-centric.

They tell a story

When coming up with the basics of your company, the more you can create a story around the problem you are trying to solve, the better. Personas are a great way to determine who you are helping, what they are trying to accomplish, and more. You can go as in-depth as you would like with your personas, or you can brainstorm with your team in order to see what their thoughts are and who they think they are going to be assisting.

They establish goals

Personas also help you to establish the goals that can move your company along while providing an overview of the ultimate ideal your company is trying to reach. It can be easy to get bogged down by small tasks and forget the overreaching goals that your company has, but having personas can help to give a purpose to those goals and create clarity. This is why it can be especially helpful early on to create personas since they can shape some of the first items you are planning on tackling.

They identify pain points

As a company, you are trying to solve problems. If you don’t know your customers well, you can have a very difficult time knowing what those problems are. This can cause you to build an entire business model around issues that may or may not exist—which can lead to major restructuring or failure. The sooner you can figure out who your customers are and how you can fix things for them, the more likely you are going to find success within your industry. Personas can be perfect for finding out where your clients are suffering.

They create company culture

One underrated aspect of creating a company is figuring out the culture. This is something you should do early on, and you want to make sure that you take the time to sit down with your team to develop it. At the heart of your culture should be who you are looking to serve and how you can make the experience the best it possibly can. This can ground your team, but it can also establish your beliefs as a business owner, as well.

In summary

Creating personas is one of the first steps you can take in order to make your customer success process work. The earlier you can do it when developing your team and business model, the better.

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