What are Industrial Automation Services?

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What are Industrial Automation Services? | Industrial automation is a technology that controls industrial processes by collecting data from machines, analyzing the data to understand the process, and using it to transact instructions for the operation of devices.

Industrial automation services are typically applied in high-volume production or business operations industries. Industries that employ industrial processes include manufacturing, construction, mining and quarrying, food processing, transportations, and storage.

Machine Building Services

In recent years, machine-building services have been one of the fastest-growing industries, with a yearly growth rate of +10 percent. A wide range of companies offers these services in the global market. The machine-building industry is closely related to the manufacturing industry and automation services. They are needed to control various machines such as robots or computers in many cases.

HMI Factory Design and Programming Services

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) are essential parts of industrial automation, as they serve as direct communication between the operator and the machines. Companies specializing in automation solutions provide HMI factory design and programming services. HMI is an integral part of a system that facilitates the operator to use devices. It takes input from users and understands their requirements and data to control various manufacturing processes through multiple methods, including industrial robots and PLCs linked to it.

Business Process Automation Services

Business process automation, also known as BPA, is a business activity that automates procedures or tasks to facilitate better business efficiency. It increases productivity while at the same time decreasing costs. For example, a business can automate data collection and analyses to improve the quality of decision-making on both the technical and financial levels. BPA services are typically used in industries with high-volume production or business operations. Sectors that employ industrial processes include manufacturing, construction, mining and quarrying, food processing, transportations, and storage.

Digital Automation Services

Digital automation services are software-based systems that help streamline business processes. Digital automation allows for the application of technologies that directly and indirectly interact with machines, allowing them to be monitored, controlled, and operated from any place. They have a strong influence in manufacturing and processing industries such as metallurgy, papermaking, food processing, and pharmaceuticals production.

Migration and Upgrade Services

Migration and upgrade services solve security and capacity issues in software. Migration services can be employed when an organization needs to move to a different server or operating system. On the other hand, upgrade services can be applied when an organization wants to improve the performance of a machine or a process through software updates. These solutions are usually employed by manufacturing and processing industries, such as automated manufacturing and food production systems.

Infrastructural Safety Services

Infrastructural safety services are used by companies that provide machines that work in areas with high levels of security, such as in laboratories and hospitals, where they are subjected to rigorous standards of safety. These services ensure proper work standards in a lab or a factory by ensuring that the equipment performs according to its requirements. Achieving these standards is crucial for the efficient running of an industrial operation.

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity services are used by organizations that need to prevent network break-ins and attacks on their systems. They are usually employed by companies that produce software and hardware, insurance companies, and transportation industries. Cybersecurity services focus more on detecting vulnerabilities in the system to reduce risks.

EAD’s Industrial Automation Services

Many companies have used EAD’s Industrial Automation Services for its automation solutions for many years. They have developed solutions for clients in various industries such as pharmaceutical, food processing, metallurgic, oil & gas, and manufacturing. These services have been employed by companies in a wide variety of industries. These services consist of various models that range from single-machine to complete solutions with multiple machines networked together. These include simple controllers to complex solutions that employ various devices linked to a centralized control unit.

Optimizing and Support Services

Optimizing and support services are used by companies that have problem-free machine operations but have no idea how to improve the functioning of their machines. These services are employed by companies in manufacturing and processing industries such as petroleum, petrochemicals, paper and pulp, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. Optimizing and support services consist of different machine control automation solutions models: simple controllers to complex solutions that employ multiple machines linked to a centralized control unit.


The primary role of industrial automation is to improve operations and increase business efficiency. In this era of automation, every organization is challenged to find the most effective way to conduct a process. While several services are used in the industry, these can usually be classified into marketing and consulting services, machine manufacturing, web-based technologies, and software services.


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