What Are Backlinks in the Context of Search Engine Optimization?

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Negosentro.comWhat Are Backlinks? | Search engine optimization is an important part of any business’s plan to get more traffic to its website. With the proper search engine optimization, your website will rank higher in organic searches and ultimately gain more organic search engine traffic as a result. There are a wide range of factors that impact your SEO, including how many external links point to your website, what number of links lead users to your brand, and even how mobile-optimized your website is.

One way to increase the number of links to your website is by using backlinks as a key part of your content marketing strategy. Link building through content marketing can help expand your web presence, ultimately getting it to rank higher in organic search results. Here’s everything you need to know about backlinks in order to take advantage of this powerful concept to boost your web traffic.

Why are backlinks important?

In order to understand why backlinks are important, it’s helpful to provide a bit of an analogy. Imagine that you’re going into a job interview, and the employer asks for your resume and some references. While your resume is an important component of your application, they won’t actually offer you a job until they’ve checked with your references first. The more references you have, and the more prestigious those references are, the more likely they are to give you the job.

In the world of SEO and link building, backlinks serve as those references, since a backlink is any other website that links to yours. Just like in a resume, the more prestigious those websites linking to you are (also known as the website’s domain authority), the better. As such, it’s crucial to cultivate high-quality backlinks from a good number of reputable sources if you want to find ways to improve your web page’s organic search engine performance. Backlinks are a key component of any link building campaign, since they are the means by which you boost your SEO.

How do you build more backlinks?

Building backlinks takes time, energy, and careful thought. Especially if you’ve never done much link building before, or have a new website, it can be tricky to know where to start. When building backlinks, you want to be sure to perform some research to see what keywords you’re already ranking for online and what keywords could be performing better. While it’s always a good idea to leverage keywords that you’re already winning, finding new variations of key phrases for your brand or product can also help you start to boost your organic ranking.

Even if you know what sorts of phrases you want to target, part of building strong backlinks involves getting those phrases liked to your web page from high-performing websites and publications. Earning backlinks can be difficult, particularly if you’re just starting out. One way to go about building links is to approach other blogs and websites and ask them if they’d be willing to feature you or mention your business on their website. However, remember that this kind of pitching takes time and isn’t always successful.

If you’re still a bit concerned about finding reputable backlinks and building a backlinks campaign, it may be worth bringing in a team of experts to lend a hand. A company like LinkGraph offers a wide range of content marketing and SEO services, helping you leverage data about your existing website and your winning keywords to make the most of any campaign. From analyzing how different placements can help your traffic to pitching and placing articles in different publications, a business like LinkGraph can help you go above and beyond in your SEO efforts.


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