Wedding on a Budget – 5 Valuable Tips for not Breaking the Bank for your Special Day

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Negosentro.comCongratulations! Your big day is almost here. You are at the beginning of an amazing journey that you want to last forever. In the midst of daydreaming and planning, you need to figure out how to budget for your wedding without overspending. Here are some tips that will help you to save money:

Stick to Your Budget

You need to set your budget depending on how much you can afford to spend. You should sit with your spouse and decide how much you can afford to pay then figure out whether your family and friends are going to contribute. Budgets are not meant to be fluid; when you set yours, you should stick to it.

Once you know the amount that you will be spending, it will be easier to break your budget into sections. For instance, you should allocate different amounts of money to beverages, food, and venue. When buying your wedding gown, look for discounts on pages such as Azazie’s sale page.

Have Realistic Expectations

Most people tend to be carried away when planning their weddings. However, you need to keep your expectations realistic to avoid disappointment. When looking for inspiration online, you should not feel the need to recreate the weddings that you see if you know that you cannot afford them.

Often, online wedding pictures are staged, which means that they are not real. You should be realistic with yourself if you want to figure out what you really want. Your big day does not have to look like magazine shots. Just get what you want without giving in to outside pressure.

Don’t Get into Debt

Many people feel the need to take out their credit cards when paying for their weddings. You do not want to be in debt for months to come because of a ceremony that will last several hours. Do not compromise your financial goals for a day of fun and celebration.

Beginning your marriage life as a couple in thousands of dollars of debt is not a good idea. Debt can rock even the most stable marriages – you do not want to know what it can do to newlyweds. To avoid putting a strain on your marriage, you should only pay what you can afford. If you cannot afford a big wedding, an intimate one will do.

Start Saving Early

If you are not willing to compromise on a specific item, you should start saving for it early enough. For instance, if you want the best food at your wedding, you should save up to afford the best food items. If you are going to choose a venue that provides food, you should negotiate for better prices.

For you, décor might be the thing on which you are not willing to compromise. Make sure that you budget accordingly to find the best décor for your wedding. If your wedding is in a few months’ time, you might not have enough time to save. In this case, you should consider fundraising from family and friends, as they might be willing to help.

Rethink Your Guest List

The size of your guest list will determine how much money you spend. When you limit your guests, you will save a significant amount of money. You should be on good terms with the people that you invite because they will be in your wedding photos. Keeping your guest list small not only saves money but also makes your wedding more intimate.


A wedding day is a very memorable day for most people. The above tips will keep you from breaking the bank to please others.

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