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Negosentro | Website Testing Using Proxies | Do you work as a website release manager, engineer, developer, or quality analyst? Then you must test the websites you build and maintain. Ensuring that scripts, sites, advertisements, or online apps function as planned is critical to the site’s success. Accurate testing begins with the proper conditions and environment. Most choose to do website testing using proxies from reputable providers.

With the help of proxy networks, you can test your website as a real user would do by accessing actual devices in various geolocations around the world. By load testing your website using a renowned proxy network, you can avoid risks and be ready for a traffic increase. Test website traffic from millions of devices worldwide, and relax knowing your site can handle any load. 

What Is the Best Tool for Load Testing?

Your website’s upload speed is critical. Are your websites not appearing on Google’s first page, even though your theme has a beautiful design that appeals to your target audience? Customers who shop online say they will not return to a website that takes too long to load. The loading speed of your pages influences the SEO score of your website.

 There are several tools available on the market. Jmeter and VSTS are free, while licensed tools like LoadRunner and Load UI cost money. So, a good tool meets your needs. They all have their limitations. Choose the tool that best meets your needs. For example, suppose you want to perform a load test for 30.000 users. Then you should go for LoadRunner if you have the money for it. If not, then you must use a freeware program.

 To survive in the industry, you should not rely just on one tool. The market is chaotic and nasty. If you don’t have the necessary skill set, your boss will let you go and hire someone else. Don’t consider which tool is the best and which is the worst. Consider how you can get the best outcome regardless of your tools.

 Most Common Website Testing Issues

 Every website must provide for users regardless of their location. When creating a website for different languages, cultures, and currencies, it is imperative to perform adequate testing. No matter where the visitor is coming from, the developer must know how the site appears to a visitor.

 Most overlook geo-location testing in favor of cross-browser compatibility, responsiveness, performance, usability, and other critical criteria. A developer in New York cannot guarantee that a visitor from London or anyplace else in the globe would have a positive experience with the website. Additionally, if you must limit certain content, there is no other way to verify that the restrictions work as intended.

 Simulating a real website visitor is critical in creating a faultless testing environment. Proper software, device types, and IP addresses are necessary. There are several methods for simulating software and device fingerprints. On the other hand, only an original IP can ensure correct testing results.

 Languages, time zone variations, pricing, currencies, and diverse offers must all function properly for the visitor to feel as though you have designed the website especially for him. If a company plans to expand into several markets across the globe, it must undergo appropriate localization testing.

 Website Testing Using Proxies

 A proxy network that spans multiple locations provides the most accurate testing results. You will obtain reliable and unbiased data 100% of the time when using IP addresses from areas you are interested in, whether you are testing websites, applications, translations, or ad placement. In other words, with a few mouse clicks, you can be anywhere on the globe.

 With KocerRoxy proxies, you can concentrate on developing your websites, applications, and marketing campaigns rather than wasting time chasing problems and ensuring that everything works as intended. They can assist you with optimizing all areas of your website for various geographies, delivering a flawless consumer experience anywhere in the world.

 Going worldwide on day one is now a requirement for any website. KocerRoxy provides an excellent solution to eliminate any issues on your website before a visitor encounters them. Their proxy network is prepared to execute all of the tests you require to guarantee that your site operates flawlessly in all locations and for all users.

 These benefits of employing proxies enable testers to simulate real-life conditions during website testing. Make sure that your website has the potential to become viral. By sending a large number of requests through proxies, you can test your website’s capacity.

 Tips for Website Testing

 Understanding the software and its users is necessary before creating test scenarios. Plan realistic testing that mimics real-world user behavior, including the usage of several browsers and devices.

 The ultimate goal is to develop well-functioning software that will please customers. As a result, while building website test stages, recognizing which features are vital to your clients and understanding their way of thinking may be critical.

 Testing is an essential procedure of any software development process. Make website testing a required component of your workflow, and perform tests regularly to find and rectify issues as soon as feasible.

 Website testing demands not only simulating traffic load as closely as possible. You will also need to replicate a real user as closely as possible. Residential proxies may be the most feasible solution to accomplish this goal. Because they originate from real people all around the globe, residential proxy servers may imitate natural users in website testing.


 I hope the information above helps you perform website testing using proxies for better capacity planning. In addition, this step is essential for ensuring that your services can handle high traffic. A reliable proxy network enables you to experiment without constraints and on your own schedule. If you wish to use proxies for website testing, I recommend KocerRoxy.

 Uncertain about how well your online project will run under tremendous load? Need to see what your website looks like from different locations? Do you want a large number of people from all around the world to visit your website while it remains quick and reliable? Website testing using proxies is the answer to all your problems.


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