Ways to use a standard bookcase in your home office

Ways to use a standard bookcase in your home office
Photo by Huseyn Kamaladdin from Pexels

Negosentro | Ways to use a standard bookcase in your home office | Almost half of the professionals that worked remotely during the peak of the pandemic plan to continue doing so at least part-time. With that decision made, and the freedom of remote work found, the time has come to make real office space for yourself. 

Whether you have an actual enclosed office or you are making do with a designated space in your living room, family room, or bedroom, you can do a lot for organizing and decorating your office space with a simple standard bookcase.

A bookcase has a lot to offer, and it’s not just a place to house books. You can use the shelves of the bookcase to display your university diplomas, certificates of accomplishment, and membership awards and plaques. 

These items can help visitors to your home office reassured that you will be able to meet their needs. Even if you don’t see clients or vendors in your home office, being able to look at your credentials with the turn of your head can give you confidence when working on a particularly difficult project.

If your home office space is actually in the middle of a common area, you should try to create as isolated a workspace as possible to avoid distractions. By using a bookcase or two as a room partition to cordon off your home office area, you will be able to stay focused. A standard bookcase of solid wood also works as a decent barrier between you and the sounds of the rest of the household.

Here are a few other ideas that you can use when you find standard bookcases.

  • Use decorative trays and small bins to organize your home office supplies using the shelves rather than an additional set of drawers. This can both save space in your desk area as well as keep your shelf looking professional or trendy.
  • Make the bottom shelf of the bookcase for your littles. If you have small children or grandchildren that visit, having a shelf with quiet activities for toddlers and small children can give you the opportunity to continue getting work done even as you are babysitting or taking care of children for the day.
  • Create a charging station on one shelf by creating a small, 2 or 3-inch hole with a cord grommet. This is very easy to do and will give you an easily accessible place to charge all of your devices for both personal and business uses. You can also use the adapted shelf for printers or copiers once the cord grommet offers a way for them to be plugged in from the shelf.

If you want other ideas for using a standard bookcase in your home office, take a look at online furniture stores to see what is most sought after. While you’re at it, check out other home office needs like dining tables that can double for a conference, console tables as desks, or gaming chairs in place of an executive chair.

Photo by Huseyn Kamaladdin from Pexels

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