Ways to Feel Less Lonely while Working At Home

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Mary Rae Floresca |Negosentro.com

Wearing your PJ’s while working at home can be the most comfortable way to build a career. But sometimes you will do feel lonely when everybody’s heading out for work. Here are ways to ease the feeling of loneliness.

1. Don’t stick with your routine

Sticking to your schedule is systematic however, it is quite dragging. Mix up your schedule by instead of the usual work in the morning until lunch time at home, head out for brunch with your family or friends then work all afternoon.

2. Don’t eliminate social life

Working from home is quite an advantage especially if your tasks can be done by your own pace. Maximize this by working the whole day and go out with friends on a Friday night then on Sunday, family day!

3. Work at a café

Work outside to keep yourself sane. Dress up and plug your laptop at your favorite coffee shop. This is challenging, you might meet people you know and can distract you but just stay committed to finish your work and it will be fine.

4. Stay active in social media

Getting hooked on social media while at home is not close to complete loneliness. Best to interact with your friends online, perhaps, plan your next meet-up, react to old photos that you and your friends can talk about.

5. Take a break

Schedule an hour everyday or more than to give yourself a break. Maybe you can cook for your delightful dinner later or go to the gym first thing in the morning. Every month or two, perhaps you should book a trip somewhere else and leave work from home for a couple of days.

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