Ways to Achieve Zen in the Workplace

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Negosentro.com | Even if you love your job you probably have experienced stress, anxiety, and exhaustion from time to time. Working hard and applying yourself to tasks at hand can be both mentally and physically exhausting, and no matter what steps you take can take a toll on your health if you are not aware of these pressures. 

Being in touch with how work affects you personally, and taking steps to recognize the stressors created by your job are the first step in improving your focus and mental clarity. Taking time to rebalance yourself is an excellent way to boost productivity and be your best self while on the job. Take a look at the following tips to help you achieve zen, and reach your full potential. 

What is Zen?

Zen is both something you are and something you do, and is expressed through a disciplined practice of recognizing your relationship with everything that surrounds you. An ancient practice, it first came into being some 2500 years ago in India and helps enlighten you to the joy of being. It depends heavily on meditative practices to bring harmony and balance to both the mind and body. 

Meditation is a popular cultural and religious practice that has influenced many well-being studies and therapies over the years. It is a highly personal practice that can be approached in a few different ways,  and when practiced regularly can create an improvement in your workplace performance, as well as a positive impact on your daily relationships and habits. 

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can help you clear your mind and recognize stressors or other life events by allowing you to move past them in a healthy way. As mentioned, it is highly personal and requires self-control that is gained through mindful practice and self-awareness. Although it may not always come easy at first, over time many benefits can be seen through its use. 

  • The reduction of stress and control of anxiety is one of the number one reasons why many people turn to mediation. 
  • It also promotes emotional health due to a calming of the mind and recognition of triggers that may influence stress and anxiety. 
  • Enhances a self-awareness of both positive and negative influences and allows you to address these issues and how to cope with them. 
  • Supports a lengthening of attention span, which is very beneficial for many attention disorders and memory related issues. 
  • May reduce age-related memory loss due to the mindful practices and physical responses of the body that influence increased blood flow to the brain.
  • Body healing as the heart rate slows, breathing decreases, and blood flow increases through the body. 

Tips for Workplace Meditation

The following tips are exactly what you need to get started with meditation, and allowing it to positively impact your workplace focus and efficiency. Once comfortable with these practices, you can easily apply them while at work, even if all you have is a quick 5 minutes to spare. 

Diffuse Natural Essential Oils

Many essential oils have natural stress reducing, mind-focusing properties and when diffused into your work space through the day can help you be productive. You also can create a recognizable atmosphere when you meditate: one that allows your mind and body to relax as you practice. Cool air, ultrasonic diffusers are very popular for this use and it is easy to find one to fit your needs. Take a look at some of the most popular styles here

Start Slow

Don’t expect to clear your mind and reach a state of zen immediately after introducing meditative practices to your life. This takes time and patience. Many people start slow: a few minutes at a time; and work their way towards longer periods of stillness over months of practice. For a workplace environment you might find that 5 minutes of mindful meditation is all you need (or all the time you have). Make those 5 minutes count. 

Create a Peaceful Environment

It can be hard to meditate and focus when you are surrounded by a busy office. If you have your own space, dim the lights, shut the door, close the curtains and find your center as you practice. This helps you from being distracted and also allows those around you to respect your space for the short time you have. If you do not have your own work area, look for an open meeting room or lounge. You can also encourage others to join in the practice. 

Introduce Healthy Physical Practices

There are other exercises you can introduce to your lifestyle to help you both mentally and physically as well. These can influence your meditation, and help you be more aware overall. To start, get the proper amount of sleep each night. You also can change your eating habits by introducing fresh ingredients and avoiding processed foods.

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