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Having a job interview with a human resource officer who looks at you from head to toe is challenging. But surely one of the things to impress him or her is your professional look starting from the timepiece on your wrist. Would you dare to ignore it or carefully analyze what watch to wear in your meeting?

Simple is more

Unless you’re applying for creative work, it is safe to wear an ensemble that makes you look professional. And when it says professional-looking, it is conventionally minimalistic and conservative. Minimalistic in the sense that you don’t wear beyond what is necessary. Thus, it’s a no-no to wear bling-bling or many bracelets. It is conservative because you should not go overboard in style or fashion.  You want to stand out among applicants, but it must be about intellectual ability, confidence speak, and professional look.

In terms of the watch to wear, it should be also something that can complement the vibe you want to exude. For this reason, your timepiece should look simple with classic or minimal design. And the best watch that fits this is the dress watch with a leather strap.


The sports watch is a no-no because it doesn’t complement an office suit—not even smart casual. In the first place, you are not being interviewed about your favorite sports or leisure, but for work, you want to do. So if you wear it in a job interview, you’re making an impression that you’re not career-oriented.

Digital watch and band made of nylon are also look odd for your business formal attire. Digital watches are modernish for traditional and conservative culture. So for corporate attire or smart business casual, it’s good to have a Swiss watch. Swiss watches are known classy and have superb mechanisms.

Color match

If the color of your outfit can exude aura so as the color of your timepiece. It is smart move than to be selective in the watch to wear based on the color of your getup. Since watches are considered accessories, their color should be the same as the other adornments for your business attire such as a belt or shoes. Thus if you are a belt and shoes are brown, go for the watch that is also brown, particularly its band. You may also opt for other striking colors, but usually neutral colors such as brown, black, white, and silver are the best bets for a job interview or business meeting.

Not too heavy

Leather is good not only because your belt or shoes are made of leather, but this material also looks light than metal band or bracelet, Metal such as stainless steel looks heavy and so, it also appears flashy. In case you’re into a metal band, you may choose Milanese or mesh because it doesn’t look heavy or big on your wrist.

Another factor to consider is the size of your watch. Watch to wear should be the one that has no too big subdials, crowns, or markers or bands.  They may be eye-catching, but they may also catch unnecessary attention from the interviewer, if not to distract them.

Fit your chic watch accordingly

A luxury watch is good because it can’t make you look cheap. But it may also help you to ace that job interview if you’re applying for a company or job that doesn’t talk about prestige. It is the same as, wearing a generic or very ordinary watch. This will not flatter your application especially if it’s a job in corporate, financial, telecommunication or technology.

It may be stressful or tedious, but a job interview can be a momentous event to take it too casually. It can be a key to land a dream job or finally, to have a satisfying life. So it is only just to dress up appropriately for this event to look and feel good in achieving your career goal.

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