Virtual Offices in Hong Kong – What You Need to Know


Louie Wang, Negosentro |  For those who have always dreamed of running a business in Hong Kong, rising rent rates are just another obstacle to overcome. They make it tricky to get a foot on the ladder, but there are plenty of viable solutions. Virtual offices, for instance, have become a lifeline for entrepreneurs on tight budgets. They’re affordable, flexible, and highly accommodating.

There are some great virtual offices in Hong Kong – Servcorp is the biggest provider here – and they’re keen to welcome your business. Whether you’re currently working from home or a local coffee shop, they’re a wonderful way to grow. However, it’s important that you understand how these facilities operate before you agree to a lease.

This guide to virtual offices will help you get to grips with these super flexible workspaces.

Understanding Virtual Offices

The virtual office is a relatively new concept in Hong Kong and the rest of Asia. It is a centralised facility, much like a regular office block, but the space and resources are collectively used and shared among tenants.

While this might sound strange, it works because most tenants do not spend a lot of time at the physical facility. They continue to work from a home environment or a public space like a library or coffee shop. The crucial part is that they can access key tools and software remotely.

Taking Advantage of Remote Routines

So, essentially, it means that you can continue to work as a low maintenance startup or small entrepreneurial team and enjoy the same benefits as much bigger companies. For this reason, virtual offices are perfect for companies that can’t afford or don’t feel ready for private leases.

You can claim a prestigious corporate address, even though you don’t have a full-time office. Virtual providers encourage all tenants to have their business mail and phone calls directed to the facility. It is an easy way to add credibility and professionalism to your brand.

Finding the Best Office in Hong Kong

You’ll find multiple virtual facilities in the central districts of Hong Kong. They are situated in some of the most sought-after retail and financial districts. More often than not, your virtual office will be part of a multi-storey building or other iconic structure that dominates the skyline.

This means stunning views of the city and a prime spot from which to mingle, network, market, and build up your brand exposure. While a virtual suite may not belong to you alone, you’re encouraged to claim the impressive location as your primary business address.

Signing Up to Be a Virtual Worker

It’s easier than you think to become a member of a virtual office. The only thing you need to do is visit the facility and register. Usually, access is granted within a day and often immediately. It’s a really quick process, but you may have to go through an induction first.

There is only one fee per month and contracts are provided on a rolling basis. It means that you can terminate your membership at any time without the fear of penalties. If there’s a service or resource that you would like to use, it’s just a matter of asking the onsite staff.

Creating a Strong, Long Lasting Brand

The benefits of virtual offices don’t stop at your Hong Kong address. They’re also a fantastic resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to create a global brand. When you sign up with a virtual provider in the city, you get access to additional workspaces.

Depending on the quality and reach of the vendor, these workspaces will be spread out in countries around the world. Taking your brand overseas is as simple as finding a virtual facility in your destination city and using its corporate resources to support your expansion.