VideoProc: An easy DJI 4K Video Editor with Full GPU Acceleration


Creating high quality videos has become a key to success in today’s life. The whole generation has become video oriented, because everyone prefers video content over written content. But the question is, are all the videos appealing to the audience. The answer is, NO! Not all videos are appealing to the audience because people prefer high quality videos, for which a video editor is important.

It the era of DJI 4K videos, and all you need to have is a DJI 4K video editor which can edit large videos very easily. The solution is VideoProc, which is lightweight, easy and a very fast video editing software.

Why is there a demand for lightweight video editors?

Today when everyone prefers to shoot videos in 4K, DJI and GoPro, one need to have a good video editor that is easy to use, fast, and stable, to edit large videos. But not every software is apt to provide you with features for your DJI 4K/ large videos that have a solution to these pain points.

  1. Unsupportive processors: The major problem with DJI 4K videos is, they freeze when they are played on a computer with old processor, like in Windows 7. Not every software can provide interface that supports the 4K video even in the old processor. It does not even reads the file video, and just end up playing the audio. Even if it reads the video sometimes, the video tends to freeze in a while.
  2. Incompatible formats: Most of the software are incompatible with regards to the format of the videos. Some videos cannot be shared or sent due to incompatible formats, which ideally a video editor should solve. But because of the videos being large in size, most of the video editors are incompetent solving the problem of sending and sharing the video content on various platforms including social media.
  3. Computer lags: Sometimes it even happens that even if you find an apt software for processing and editing of you large/ 4K videos, the software is so heavy that your computer starts to hang, and you encounter too many lags while editing one video. It may also happen that you may even lose your data due to such lags.
  4. Complicated: Not everyone can be a professional to handle complex video editing softwares. You may have just started to make and edit videos, and it is natural that you will not be able to handle complex editing softwares. There are many softwares out there which are apt for video editing but are way complex to use.

What’s the solution?

The solution is right here. VideoProc is here to the rescue, which not only covers all the basic options to edit videos, but also provides advanced options to edit 4K/ large videos.

  1. Powerful Video Editing Features:  VideoProc can meet your video editing demands with simple steps while keeping high output quality, no matter you want to do basic video trimming, cutting, cropping, merging, resizing, rotating, flipping, adding subtitle effect watermark, etc, or make advanced editing, including stabilize, denoise, defisheye, reframe, M3U8, adjust speed, A/V sync and more.


  1. Full GPU Acceleration:Graphics Processing Unit acceleration is your way to create quality images or videos in the fastest possible times. This feature of VideoProc allows you to edit 4K videos as a very high speed without compromising on your computer CPU usage. In fact, it increases the speed up to 47x times while optimizing your file as well! This way, you don’t have to shift to a 1080p quality due to low speed, bad quality or lack of time. A good GPU acceleration will allow you to work at your best, without any trouble.VideoProc
  2. Strong Conversion:Another talked about feature is the provision for you to convert your video as per your requirements. With 420+ output formats and 370 input codecs, conversions like 3D to 2D, YouTube to Mp4 etc. happen within a few clicks. Before you worry about quality, it maintains quality and also compresses large size files, if needed.
  1. videoproc_2Other solutions: VideoProc has the best video processing tools that are easy to use. It also downloads videos, audios, channels etc. in batch or single. It supports green screen and can even convert any video audio DVD to any video formats. This lightweight software has the power to compress and split DJI videos, without compromising on the quality of your video content.

From editing to downloading to conversion, VideoProc has an array of features, a tray full of options and a brilliant website, that will not disappoint you. If you want a detailed guide, here’s a video tutorial for you:

The software is available for download for both iOS and windows users. Make sure you check the vast range of tech specs that VideoProc supports, chose an appropriate license plan and make a decision. All said and done, VideoProc would never let you down.