Venture Into These Rising Online Business Trends for 2021

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Credit: | Venture Into These Rising Online Business Trends for 2021 | COVID-19 caught the world by surprise. People have to follow strict precautionary measures all of a sudden to curb the spread of the virus. Some businesses with a physical shop had to temporarily or permanently close because of the unexpected absence of foot traffic and, as a consequence, sales. 

For micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), 2020 has been a challenging year. One viable option to continue business operations is to go online. Global e-commerce sales are projected to peak at $3.9 trillion this year.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties, there is hope to continue or even start a new business this 2021. There are plenty of tools entrepreneurs can use to transition to an online business seamlessly.

On top of what e-commerce has in store for entrepreneurial folks, noteworthy business trends and opportunities have come up lately. These will continue to gain momentum this year, and here are some of them. 

1. Delivery services

The outbreak of COVID-19 has welcomed immense lifestyle changes. What used to be an easy trip to the mall or a quick errand run, has now become a chore given that wearing face masks and social distancing has been advised by the World Health Organization and implemented by government units. However, as the world continues to adapt to these lifestyle changes, it’s only logical for businesses to apply those protocols and put systems in place that are in line with it.  

One way to do that is through delivery services. It’s convenient and addresses customers’ health and safety concerns. Incorporate safe delivery services into your business model by charging customers a separate fee for shipping and handling or by incorporating that fee into existing product price lists. 

Curbside pickup is another alternative if inflated prices due to delivery services sound impractical. Let customers schedule their pickups and have a dedicated pickup box or basket to lessen customer contact.

2. Cashless payments and fund transfers

COVID-19 virus can spread through indirect contact between the virus carrier and the next host. Likely transmission links include coins and paper money. That’s why the pandemic has brought us closer to a cashless society. 

It’s high time for businesses to shift to cashless payments or electronic fund transfer. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Customers won’t have to bring cash, and businesses can easily track product movement and profit data. This data can be used for formulating sales projections and business trends. Plus, everyone involved in the transaction will have peace of mind that no virus has changed hands.

3. Social media marketing

Social media’s no longer just for pictures of what people had for brunch or which party they attended over the weekend. Now it’s a fertile ground for businesses to get their products and services out there.

The best part is it’s free and comes with social analytics. Business owners can know what it’s doing right in terms of connecting to its target market via engagement metrics. 

As to what to post on social media, it’s no cause for concern either. The playing field has been leveled thanks to free design platforms like Canva for Negosyo. Anyone can make a winning poster for a sales promo or design gift certificates to give away as prizes for games hosted on social media.

4. Rise of cleaning and sanitation services

As early as May last year, the cleaning and sanitation industry had already enjoyed considerable growth. And this trend won’t let up anytime soon.

One thing this pandemic taught everyone is to be more mindful about hygiene and sanitation, especially when the virus isn’t something that can physically be seen with our own eyes. It solidifies the idea that there is no such thing as “too clean”, and that insight can be turned into a profitable venture by business-minded individuals.

As the world slowly transitions to the new normal, establishments have started to re-open with caution. Companies have also been reviewing their timelines as to when the physical return to the office is possible. With all these opportunities, these businesses would need help in deep-cleaning and disinfecting their workplaces to ensure their employees’ health and safety. 

Moreover, people have also been making DIY cleaning products from items that are very accessible, like lemon and water. This also presents a good business opportunity for those who are looking for ideas on what is profitable during these times.

5. Online classes and training

The pandemic turned Zoom into a household name. In November 2020, the company saw a  317 percent revenue growth. That comes to no surprise as almost every physical activity has turned into something virtual. The convenience Zoom provides has allowed businesses to continue being profitable despite the challenges the pandemic has brought. 

Expect paid online classes, yoga, gym, and seminars to continue to thrive in 2021. These offers still let individuals experience what they enjoyed doing pre-pandemic, but now within the safety of their own homes, at their own pace, and without imposing any health risks. 

With the business landscape constantly evolving and adapting to change, expect to see more trends and opportunities arise aside from the ones discussed. Study the landscape and open your mind to the possibilities. Who knows – maybe now is a good time to innovate, create, and see if an entrepreneurial path is right for you.

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