Venture capitalist: 6 Points you should know as an entrepreneur! 

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Venture capitalist: 6 Points you should know as an entrepreneur! | If you’re a business person looking for that elusive start-up cash, you’ve undoubtedly heard of venture capitalists. These individuals or entities typically have a hefty check book at their disposal and are eager to meet with entrepreneurs who have an idea worth investing in. And, for those venture capitalists who give out seed capital to start-ups, this investment is typically in the form of debt—which could be seen as a riskier investment decision.

1. Understand What a Venture Capitalists is

There are several types of venture capitalists, but the term most often used for individuals who invest in young companies is “venture capitalist.” It is a more relative term, as some venture capitalists invest in only specific sectors of the economy. However, it will be the most common definition for our purposes here. (Note: Many VC firms may not fit the advice here, and their presence should not be confused with entrepreneurial activity.) 

2. Know-how Venture Capitalists Make their Money

VCs typically invest in businesses through the process of debt financing—which means they loan you money, and you repay it. The repayment could occur by offering up ownership of your business, stock in the company, or by repaying the loan over time with interest.
In this scenario, venture capitalists are typically looking for businesses to repay their initial investments plus a substantial return on their investment. The type of return can vary substantially, depending on the firm’s needs, but there are certainly general guidelines that can be applied. If a business cannot produce profits on their investment, chances are good that they will not be able to pay back the loan.

3. Know how Venture Capitalists funds work

The majority of venture capital firms typically have different investment funds for their investments. It allows the venture capital firm to retain some ownership in your business and still provide the return sought by the venture capitalist. Typically, these funds raise money from several different investors and then invest that money into several other companies and sectors of the economy.
If your business is looking to raise capital from a venture capitalist, it’s vital that you understand how the investment process works. Some firms invest money into a single company and seek the repayment of that investment through the success of the business—others look to invest across multiple companies in different sectors of the economy. 

4. Understand That you are Giving up Some Control to a Venture Capitalists

One of the biggest challenges that an entrepreneur faces is that they would be giving up some control over the run of their business to a venture capitalist. Understandably, many entrepreneurs would want to retain ownership of their company and make all of the decisions surrounding business operations. However, if you’re looking at raising capital from a venture capitalist, typically, you’ll be required to give up some or all of your ownership rights in exchange for that money.
When you are allowed to acquire funding from a venture capitalist, it’s typically in exchange for a significant portion of your company. It means that you will be putting some money into their pocket, which is never easy to do.

5. Understand that the Venture Capitalists Investor will be your Partner

It is one of the most important factors concerning the venture capitalist relationship. For an entrepreneur, having a venture capitalist as a partner is something that can make all of the difference in your business. As a partnership, it’s recommended that you have equal participation in the ownership of your company and can continue to own equity in your industry.
It means that you will be able to participate and influence major decisions regarding both your own life and work practices at work. Venture capitalists typically look for entrepreneurs driven by the same principles that guide their business. It means that if you understand your values and goals, you’ll reach them in the partnership.

6. Understand the Current Venture Capitalists Environment

Given the current economic environment, several venture capitalists have backed off their initial investments in young businesses. It could mean that you’ll need to approach multiple firms to find that venture capitalist who will provide you with financing.
Another hurdle that many entrepreneurs face is that the actual value of your investment will depend on your company, which means that an entrepreneur may need to work even harder to ensure that their company is constantly performing well, providing value for its investors. Plus, many venture capitalists will only offer to fund when they believe your company can perform well and have high growth potential.


Understanding what venture capitalists are, how they invest in new businesses, and the current environment in which they operate is essential to attracting and working with that type of investor. If you are looking for venture capital, you will want to understand investment basics.                                                     

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