Various Types Of Medical Table Accessories For Fast Recovery


Lander Vera, Negosentro |  The advancement in technology has given a major boost in the field of medical industry. Periodically, there are new and advanced products being launched for the easy functionality of the procedure.

Frequently and periodically the new and more advanced instruments has been launched for the betterment of the patients, whether it be an orthopedic scan or operation theater, the new surgical tables help the patients to be more comfortable and medical workers’ to operate more easily.

Thus, there are various types of table and related medical table accessories available for easy operations.

#1.  Functional Accessories for Surgical Table

  • Arm Support

There are numerous arm boards, which are available for specific or general tables. These arm boards can be attached using clamps or universal compatibility. These help to achieve accurate positioning, anatomical posturing as per the procedure to the patient.

The numerous arm boards available in the market are Anesthesia arm board, IV arm board, hand table, adult arm board and much more. These are designed using carbon fiber to ensure it is lightweight and comfortable to use.

  • Body Restraints

The accessories of body restraints are used for the safety of patients when undergoing serious operations and to maintain their position. Few body restraints accessories include a lateral safety strap, lateral brace assemblies, a pair of patient safety straps, pair of wristlets along with brackets and straps, and much more. The accessories come along with vertical and horizontal padding position, shoulder padding with rotation and width adjustment, wrist holder made of leather with adjustable buckle and straps, integral clamp locking, soil resistant, robust, and much more.

  • Positioning Pads

Pad positioners are a supplement on the top of the table to ensure accurate positioning of the patient. There are various pads available for the various parts of the body, such as arm protector, head protector, heel protector, patient positioner, flat bottom chest roll, and much more.

  • Support for legs

There are various medical table accessories for the positioning and support of the legs of the patient. This helps them to regain the posture of their lower extremities such as split legs, lithotomy, and much more. The various leg sections available are featherweight leg section, footrests, foot extension, limb prepper, and much more. These are lightly weighted accessories, which are made of carbon fiber and highly radiolucent. They are specifically designed to support legs or arms during the preparation of operation.

  • Controls for table operations

The control over the fluid and generous motion can be controlled using table controllers. A controller such as anesthesia hand control, surgeon palm control, and much more can use the physician, surgeon, and patient to execute the procedure accurately.

  • Pads for Tabletops

Considering the comfort for the patient, the special and surgical tables come along with exclusive pads for pressure management. The various types of pads include arm board pads, tabletop pads for orthopedic, and much more.

#2.  Procedural accessories for surgical table

  • Holder for transducer

This holder helps to get the suitable height for cardio or neuro surgery, which can be more strong and stable post for the transducer.

  • Attachment for sitting post

The posterior is posted over the head of the patient using the side rail. The ball type joint allows adjusting vertical as well as lateral position adjustment.

  • Attachment for frontal sitting

The neurosurgical headrests are mounted on the back section or head end. Because of its ball type joints, headrest positioning of the stand is angular.

All these medical table accessories are designed as per the medical standards and to facilitate patients along with medical practitioners.

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