Using A Steam Iron or Garment Steaming – Which is Better?

Steam Iron | Using A Steam Iron or Garment Steaming – Which is Better? | Returning to education later in life can be a huge decision to make. However, it is one which could have a significant positive impact on your business. Continue reading to find out some of the ways in which you could reap the benefits.

A steamer is an equipment used to get rid of the wrinkles on your clothes, just like an iron. Both are designed to produce steam and heat that help to loosen the fibres of the material erasing wrinkles of your clothes. Both of these units are their cons and pros. So if you think which one the winner is in the debate of iron and steamer, it depends on your ironing load and your temper level. There is not just one answer to all the questions. Different people have different needs and preferences. However, both kinds of units do the job. So, lets now look if steam iron or a steamer does the job for you. 

Choosing a garment steamer

No need of an ironing board

Even you have the money to afford an ironing board, and you do not have space to keep it due to the size. And you have a hard time keeping it hidden from the view and also can be accessed every time you need it. However, you can choose a smaller ironing board but due to the small surface area. You might find the task to be tough and might take a longer time. On the contrast, with the garment steamer, you do not need an ironing board. The upright steamer will need a smaller space. Many handheld steamers help to eliminate the problem of storage. 

It is easy to use

Not everyone knows how to iron properly. There is a curve for learning if you already are prepared. It needs some patience to know the right techniques so that you can iron your pants and shirts perfectly. The steaming is much easier as compared to ironing. You just have to grab the steam head and let steam to do the job as you move it over your clothes. You need a bit of practice when it comes to steaming. 

It is faster

When you have the steamer, you do not have to lay your garment flat on the surface. Also, you do not have to reposition your clothes during ironing. This makes this process a lot more quickly. In fact, with the steamer, you can save a lot of your time as the steam removes the wrinkles from clothes beautifully. 

Other uses

You can also use the steamer to deal with the bed bugs and the dust mites as well. The hot steam can kill these creatures, and you can easily run the steamer over every bit of your mattress and bedsheet.

The cons of a fabric steamer

  • The steamer helps you to remove the wrinkles of your clothes. However, you would not get a sharp and crisp look as compared to ironing. Besides, you might find it difficult to remove the stubborn wrinkles. These wrinkles might be those that can be seen clearly when you hold the clothes against the light. 
  •  If you are the one you like creases down your pants and sleeves, a steam iron is the tool that does the job. Although garment steamer might offer you a crease attachment. However, the creases produced by this attachment does not last. It lacks the weight and pressure that make the crease to last. 
  •  It might be a tough job to keep holding the steamer upright. If you have a lot of clothes to steam, it can be tiring as you have to hold it for more extended periods. 

Choosing a steam iron

Sharp and crisp results

The steam irons allow you to have the sharp and crisp result that steamer does not produce. Apart from dealing with the wrinkles, the iron and also set creases and make your clothes look crisper, and it seems professionals do them. 

Steam or dry

If you have a regular iron, you have a choice to shut the steam off and use the dry iron. This feature is handy for the more delicate fibres. Even if your iron has some spits and leaks, you can still use it as dry iron and use a spray bottle to wet the clothes. However, if your steamer starts spitting water out, there is nothing much that you can do about it. 

Cons of the steam iron

  • For using the steam iron, you also need an ironing board. Even if you do not have board, you need a blanket or a bed sheet to spread and start ironing. 
  • You also have to face the hassle of pulling the ironing board out and putting it back after using it. 

Iron or steamer Which is better?

The objective of both the iron and the steamer is the same. However, the results can be different. Generally, if you are fussier about the results of the unit, the iron forms a batter choice. So, a conventional steamer is better in the context of results. On the other hand, garment steamer saves a lot of your time, but the results are not crisp and sharp. The ironworks best of people need to look at the best, and the steamer is the best for light wrinkles and quick touch-ups. Still, it is a personal preference what you like and what you need. 

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