Using a SaaS Content Marketing Strategy to Promote Your SaaS Business

Using a SaaS Content Marketing Strategy Blockchain vs. relational database: Which to choose for your application? Saas Tools Top Technology Trends-Negosentro

Using a SaaS Content Marketing Strategy to Promote Your SaaS Business | Promoting a SaaS business, particularly in today’s market, is not the simplest thing in the world. The SaaS business model has started to become more dominant in the larger software space, as it is more lucrative for businesses to charge recurring subscription fees to their software rather than charge a singular price for lifetime access to the software. As such, it is extremely important for SaaS companies to lean on marketing tactics that will actually help them acquire users who will sign up for a recurring subscription to their software solution – perhaps for months or even years. 

One good thing about SaaS companies is that they are digital-only products. As such, they are very easy to market online. This is even in comparison to eCommerce, which needs to compete with the likes of Walmart, Amazon, and eBay online. Most people don’t trust ecommerce stores that are independent – although that perception is rapidly changing. Even so, SaaS gives business owners a great opportunity to market to potential users in an extremely online way that does not have to compete with eCommerce giants and other large retailers online.

While there are certain large SaaS companies: Hubspot, Salesforce, and Adobe quickly come to mind, they are usually not direct competitors with a typical SaaS company. Because of this, there is a lot of room for SaaS businesses to grow online through digital marketing efforts. One of the best ways to do this is through SaaS content marketing. Simply put, SaaS content marketing efforts need to educate potential users, and sell both the technology itself and show how the technology can be used to solve a pain point that a potential user is experiencing. When marketing a SaaS solution, you need to show that a subscription-based software solution is actually the answer – and cultivate things like positive reviews from users.

You also need to not just also identify pain points, but also identify keywords that are associated with these keywords. When identifying keywords for a SaaS content marketing strategy, you want to not just focus on terms that are related to software but search terms that are related to problems you are solving. You want to make sure that the content you are creating is both discoverable and will actually convince users to try out your software solution – even if it just to sign up for a free trial.

 To make sure your SaaS content marketing efforts are discoverable, you need to pair it with an effective SaaS SEO strategy that focuses on high intent search. You’ll want to focus on informational queries and long tail keywords that you can gear these content marketing efforts toward. This is by and away from the best method for finding potential users. While you can, and should, run paid ads to generate additional leads to whitepapers, PDFs, and other lead magnets, SEO is an excellent way to focus your content marketing efforts as a SaaS business. This will help you not only get the most qualified leads but also help you build the most brand authority and site authority in your SaaS niche. 

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