Useful Tips for Bloggers for Leveraging the Power of Social Media

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by Gavin May, |

The success of a blog is measured by the number of its visitors and the depth of its audience base. Since it can be a very difficult task for bloggers to drive traffic their way through organic search and referrals, developing a vibrant social media network following can prove critical for promoting brands and driving growth. Leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. can provide the smart blogger with lots of opportunities for attracting new visitors and engaging with the old ones. However, social networking can be really bewildering if you are not savvy with social media concepts and features of individual platforms. Some tips on conquering the social media and leveraging it to the maximum while still being able to focus on your primary activity – writing.

Ensure Top of Webpage Placement for Social Media Buttons

When you set up your social media accounts, you should also attempt to make it very easy for your blog readers to follow you on the social media. Placing the social media buttons right at the top of your blog page ensures that they cannot miss seeing your Twitter handle or Facebook page. If your readers find a social media button staring at them right in the face, they are more likely to click on it and connect with you.

Make Sure That Your Blog Has Its Own Facebook Page

With Facebook ruling as the undisputed king of social media, it is very important for your blog to have a dedicated page on Facebook. It can be very convenient to be able to publish something on your blog and immediately post a link on the Facebook page so that your followers can easily access the contents. Having a Facebook presence also means that users who are not aware of your identity but only know the name of your blog will be able to locate your posts by searching on Facebook. Using the social plug-in of Facebook is among the most effective social media optimization tips for bloggers because it can make it very easy for you to bring traffic and enhance SEO.

Use StumbleUpon to Generate More Traffic

StumbleUpon works like an alternate browser where users can access pages recommended by their StumbleUpon friends or by the platform itself. While you can directly submit your blog posts to the platform, performance is boosted by sharing them with your StumbleUpon friends provided you also accept what they in turn share with you. As with every social media platform, the only way to get good results is by developing a strong follower base. Many bloggers have already seen traffic spiking by using this platform.

Use LinkedIn to Display Your RSS Feed

If you are blogging on subjects that are relevant to your professional profile, then definitely your LinkedInaccount should list your blog as one of the three websites permitted to be included. Also, ensure that you make use of the Blog Link Application available on LinkedIn that will display your latest blogs on your page for others to see and track.

Join Facebook Blogger Groups

Facebook has numerous groups on virtually every subject under the sun and you should make it a point to identify the ones that have synergy with the subject of your blog and join them. Getting included in these groups ensures that you get the intellectual stimulation from people who are passionate about your subject. Not only do you get to read what they have been up to but also you can be sure that by participating in these groups you will be able to expose your blog to an interested group of people.


Being on social media is essential if you are keen on driving traffic towards your blog, however, unless you are very lucky, it is unlikely that the traffic will suddenly spike astronomically. Don’t be disheartened with a seemingly slow progress but use the platforms to keep yourself updated on industry news, forge new relationships, and even get inspired for penning your next blog post.

Author bio: Gavin May is a tax consultant who also runs a very popular blog on personal taxation. A social media enthusiast and prolific writer he comes out regularly with social media optimization tips for bloggers.

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