Used Semi Truck: Expert Buying Tips

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Source:| Used Semi Truck: Expert Buying Tips | Most truck owners prefer to buy used trucks when it comes to adding more vehicles to their fleet or replacing older units. One of the main reasons why they do so is because going for used trucks is significantly cheaper than buying new ones. Some believe that older models have more power and durability, which is why they are a better option. If you are one of those who are looking to acquire a used semi, then below are some expert buying tips.

Make a requirement checklist

One of the primary things that you must do if you intend to purchase a semi truck is to create a purchasing checklist. This should include your allotted budget for the procurement and, of course, the trucking requirements that can meet your goals. Do not forget that while used semi trucks are cut-price than brand new trucks, their price can still vary significantly. From there, limit your search into a couple of options that you believe are the closest to the specs you are looking for, as well as the pricing range where your budget can fit in. Only then will you find the perfect truck that suits your requirements. Soon after, you can proceed in evaluating the secondhand semi if it is still in good condition and can really help you with your needs.

Run a history check

Once you find a potential truck for purchase, make sure that you have an idea of the truck’s history. This means that you should know the reason why it is being sold. For instance, if the owner is merely upgrading their fleet, then you are lucky because this may mean the truck might still be in good condition. Conversely, if the truck is unfortunately in terrible condition, then you should know this fact right away. This is so you can determine whether you must expect additional expenses for repairing mechanical issues.

In running a history check, one of the best things to do is to retrieve the maintenance history of the truck. You must thoroughly review oil change records because this will provide you with a good insight into whether the truck is properly maintained by its previous owner. It is also important to know whether the truck has encountered any accidents in the past. You should also ask if parts are new or old, whether they are due for replacement any time soon. It will also help if you determine the engine’s model and research its track record.

Perform a quality inspection

As soon as you are through in running a history and background check on the semi you are interested in, the next step is for you to perform a quality inspection. This entails checking the oil of the truck and looking out for any rust in its body. In terms of the latter, look for bubbles in the truck’s exterior paint because this signifies rust formation underneath. 

Aside from rust, another thing you need to keep an eye out is whether the truck has some scarring or any body damage. To ensure that you don’t overlook any potential defects, it is best to do the inspection in broad daylight. If the truck is in  a warehouse, have them move it outside so you can see its exterior clearly. Next, you need to check the truck’s gas mileage. A good mileage keeps the vehicle on the road longer, which means an excellent overall quality. Alongside this, you also need to inspect the tread of the truck’s tires if they are already worn off. Retreading is possible but when the condition is too severe, surely the truck tires are due for changing and replacement.

Evaluate the semi’s mechanical performance

In evaluating the truck’s mechanical performance, hiring a seasoned and reliable truck mechanic is highly recommended. An expert mechanic will be able to help you choose the best axle structure and layout. He can also assist you in determining the accurate horsepower and towing capability. In terms of selecting the best axle layout, you need to think about the distances that you need to cover, as well as the terrain that you need to pass through. On the other hand, you need to think about the primary use of your truck to determine the right horsepower and towing capacity that you need. 

Plan ahead

In buying a used semi, you also need to plan ahead. This means that you should check out where you will be able to buy spare parts for the particular make and model of your vehicle for future use. You also need to set aside an ample budget for fixes and needed upgrades, particularly because most used trucks require more maintenance compared to new trucks. Planning also means that you should explore financing options because financing requirements and costs may vary from one lender to another. Don’t forget about insurance too, as well as the possibility of an extended warranty, which can help you cover potential future costs.

Final Word

While you can buy a brand new truck to add to your fleet, going for a used semi truck still proves to be a more economical and cost-effective option. However, this entails the need for you to meticulously scrutinize whether the truck that you are eyeing has been taken care of by its previous owner. As long as this is the case, then you can expect several years more with your new used semi truck unit.

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