Use of Screw Anchor: Hang Anything Anywhere Easily with Screw Anchor

by Cindy Del Rio, Negosentro |

Screw anchors or wall plugs are commonly used at home or anywhere on the walls. These are different from normal screws and are only used in places where you cannot use normal screws. These screw anchors are made of many diverse materials where wooden plastic materials are common. To know more about the use of screw anchor one must know about the screw anchor first. Here is a brief detail of screw anchors and how do they work.

What Is Screw Anchor?

As mentioned, screw anchor is a kind of wall plugs that are being pushed to the walls where normal screws don’t work. Bricks or cement material where it is hard or logically not possible to plug a screw normally, need these anchored screws. Screw anchors come with a coated cap at the bottom. Mostly, there is a use of wooden caps or plastic caps and fiber caps are too in use.

When we talk about the use of screw anchor, it is obvious to hang something. It plays the role that a normal screw plays. The only difference lies in tightening, which is different.

How to Tighten the Screw Anchor on The Wall?

This is way too simple and anyone can do it. There is no need of a professional carpenter or skilled labor to tighten the screw anchor.

  • As already said, these anchors are used on walls where screwing is impossible, so as a first step, one has to make a hole in the wall.
  • After making a small hole in the wall with the drill machine, push the anchor into the hole. The screw must be on the front and push the cap into the hole on the wall.
  • Once it is pushed until the end, fasten the screw with screwdriver until it gets into the hole properly.
  • Your job is done and now you can hang or use the screw anchor easily.

What Is the Use of Screw Anchor?

  • Screw anchors are used as the normal screws on the wall are being used. They are used to hang lightweight items. Calendars, photo frames, wall clock, wall hangings, and such things as an example.
  • The use of screw anchors is not only for hanging things, but also for other things like tightening something on the wall.
  • Besides hanging light weighted products, sometimes screw anchors are used to hold back heavy materials, as well. As for example, if you are trying to hang a heavy shelf or rack on the wall, screw anchors help them to hold it back. Once you fasten the screw anchor below the racks, it will allow you to balance the weight of the rack or shelf.
  • Among many uses of screw anchor, one important use is it can be used in on any wall where other screws can’t be fastened.

How to Remove Screw Anchors?

The best part of such screws is that it is easy to remove from the wall. If you are done with the hanging and now, you don’t want it to be on the wall, you can any time remove the anchor. There are two ways to get rid of these screws.

  • Firstly, when you feel there is no use of screw anchor anymore, tweak the screw a little to remove it. If it is tweaked, then the screw including the anchor will come out at once.
  • Secondly, you can simply tap the screw. Slowly tap the screw onto the wall using a hammer. Make sure do not press hard, otherwise, you will tweak the screw. Gently, tap it and pushed it totally into the wall hole.