What You Must Know about Unsafe Working Conditions and Workers’ Compensation

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Negosentro|A dangerous workplace is that where a worker is susceptible to physical conditions that cause threats related to accidents and injuries when performing on-the-job tasks. It could be anything such as broken machinery, defective equipment, exposure to harsh, unsafe chemicals, and exposure to electrical wires, slippery work floors, and absence of protective gear while working. All of these things could create a hazardous work environment.

According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, trips, slips, and falls cause serious injuries. These falls and slips are often caused due to slippery floors and obstructions in the walkways where you work daily. Therefore, read on to learn more about an unsafe work environment and workers’ compensation Unsafe Working Conditions. 

OSHA rules 

Under federal law, your employer must provide workers with a safe work environment. In case of any violation, you can report the unsafe conditions to your employer and to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) authorities too. If you have sustained injuries due to an unsafe workplace, you can file for a workers’ compensation claim too Unsafe Working Conditions.

Things to do if your workplace is unsafe 

Once you report to OSHA, you have the right to refuse to work under hazardous conditions posing immediate threat to your life and health. You can refuse to work if:

  • Your employer pays no heed to your requests and refuses to take any action.
  • You believe that your workplace is unsafe and could pose life risks or cause injuries.
  • The urgency of the injury or accident gives you no time to report to OSHA.

Moreover, if you have been already injured, consult with a Bronx workers compensation attorney right away to file for your claim for injuries and lost wages. 

The rights of workers 

Every worker has the right to demand a safe working environment. These include:

  • You can request your immediate manager to inspect the place of work, if unsafe.
  • Request your employer to fix any hazards at the workplace to prevent accidents. 
  • Receive proper training about hazardous chemicals. You must learn how to handle them.
  • File a workers’ compensation claim after an injury if your employer retaliates or refuses to listen to your requests. 
  • If you are working under unsafe conditions, no worker can be punished. If you’re penalized or terminated from the job, consult with a workers’ comp injury lawyer as soon as possible Unsafe Working Conditions.

When to consult a lawyer

When it comes to unsafe working conditions or imminent peril to your life or health, it is a matter of great concern. If you or any other staff are injured due to slippery floors, damaged machinery or exposed electrical wiring, you must get in touch with a workers’ compensation attorney quickly. That is because only a legal professional would guide you through the compensation claim process and help you gain the benefits under workers’ compensation. The lawyer will help you receive the right monetary compensation that would cover both medical care expenses and lost wages due to the workplace accident Unsafe Working Conditions. 


Now that you know about working conditions and workers’ compensation claims, it will help you to take the right measures to prevent injuries. In case you are injured, consult a lawyer right away Unsafe Working Conditions.

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