The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Your Favorite Pizza


Joey Ursua, NegosentroWho would resist the urge to grab a slice of pizza? Only a few people would, but certainly not you. Many pizza lovers cherish the dish with its origins in Italy. With cheese as the main ingredient, this delicacy is among the most sought-after fast foods in Malaysia.

With numerous flavors to choose from, the fast food fits perfectly into whatever occasion you may have at hand. You could be:

  • Having a girls’ or boys’ day out
  • Taking your mate for a date
  • Catching up with friends
  • Cashing in on an offer at the newest fast food outlet in town
  • Celebrating the clinching of a client’s deal

No matter the circumstances, this flour and cheese mixture always fits. Another plus is that you can get pizzas for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Here are some of the top flavors that you will love:


The gourmet pizza targets the vegetarian palette. Its ingredients consist of golden corn, jalapenos, and olives. There is an additional cheese loading as compared to any other type. These toppings give the pizza a unique taste and make it one of the most popular.

Double cheese

The delight derives its name from the amount of cheese used. Many people love cheese, and a thick layer of it on your most loved food item makes it even tastier.

Mexican green wave

Throw in some spicy flavor and top it up with herbs from Mexico and you have a unique dish. The pizza’s other ingredients are jalapeno, tomatoes, capsicum, and onions. If you are a fan of spicy pizzas, try this flavor.


The delicacy combines a mix of medium spices and a single cheese topping. The pizza has a pleasant taste and comes with no additions. As a fan of pizzas with simple toppings, this one is worth trying.

Ways of eating pizza

Did you know that you can eat pizza in different ways? Perhaps you are one of those people who just grab their piece and proceed to chew away piece by piece. Slow down. There are ways of enjoying your piece that you never knew.

Traditionally, people eat pizzas starting from the tip and working their way to the crust. Another category of eaters prefers to fold it. Either way, you still get to enjoy your meal. Interestingly, eating from tip to crust portrays a sense of someone who desires to do things logically and in progression. Notably, you do not have to use a plate.

Another way to enjoy your pizza is when you flip it and start with the crust. However, things may get messy since, with the coating gone, there is no place left for you to hold the piece. You always end up with fingers filled with cheese and grease.

Other folks fold the slice into two halves. The best part of this approach is that you have all the toppings trapped inside. Besides, folding ensures that you take as little time as possible on the meal.

Whichever way you like it, enjoy your pizza and make sure your friends feel the same way.