UCX Asia 2016 Highlights the Latest in IT and Communications Technology

UCX Asia, Digital Technology World, Unified Communications Expo, IT solutions, IT support, unified communications, IT companies, BPO, outsourcing companies, business collaboration

Mitzi Ilagan | Negosentro.com

With the growing number of call centers and BPOs emerging around the metro and nearby cities today, with no doubt, Philippines proves that it could provide services that both local and foreign customers trust. That being said, it will always be an urgent matter that companies ensure that the quality of services that they offer improves as time goes by.

UCX Asia (Unified Communications Expo), under the banner of Systems Integration Philippines 2016 and Digital Technology World, had recently became the venue for service providers, decision makers and even retailers to interact and offer solutions for their businesses. The event gathered IT and ICT related companies together, all in one place, showing off innovations and technologies promoting unified communications, social and business collaboration, and cloud and on-premise solutions. UCX Asia has featured products and services on cloud communication, collaboration and social business, contact centers, IP convergence, IT management, mobile technologies, unified communications and voice, video and conferencing.

UCX Asia, Digital Technology World, Unified Communications Expo, IT solutions, IT support, unified communications, IT companies, BPO, outsourcing companies, business collaboration


During the event, companies, together with the IT professionals and businessmen, were given the chance to expand their reach and network to help others utilize unified communications in their systems. A business matching was also held which allowed clients and businessmen to get leads from participants. Product presentations and seminars also took place, helping the visitors and participants gain knowledge and information from the speakers on their expertise. Committed to deliver real business in real time, the event surely has helped everyone who attended and participated interact and share insights on the advancement and innovation on technology and communications. Among the participants were system engineers, telecom operators, manufacturers of communications, operations managers, IT professionals, corporate end-users, database managers and the like.

Among the participating companies were:

Mcmyk Electronic Factory

They offer research production and conference system products such as digital voting conference systems, wireless conference systems, conference speakers, conference amplifiers.


This company utilizes UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or drones, handheld stabilization cameras, time-lapse cameras, cable cameras, generally for data gathering, project documentation, risk management, project assessment and monitoring activities. The company provides reliable and accurate data through the use of Unmanned Aerial Robotics and other land-based robotics for all types of Industrial and Media Applications.

Intellismart Technology, Inc.

Intellismart Technology, Inc. is into fully integrated business solutions. They provide business management systems, audio-video solutions, security systems, professional displays, content management and digital advertising solutions and an extensive range of IT, office and A/V products.

In a world where everyone works through the hustle and bustle, the event served as a convenient meeting place where needs are attended to and solutions are offered. Businessmen and professionals roamed around the area, making sure that questions were answered and solutions were provided.

The continuous growth of demand for IT-enabled services and ICT support services has surely been dealt with through UCX Asia, the country’s progressive communications technology show.

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