Typical Maintenance Tasks Around the Home for the First Time Buyer

Typical Maintenance Tasks Around the Home for the First Time Buyer Your Home
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Typical Maintenance Tasks Around the Home for the First Time Buyer | If you have recently become the proud owner of your first property, this is a milestone in every adult’s life, which will help to ensure that your retirement years are comfortable. Aside from the actual cost, there is a price to pay for real estate ownership, which comes in the form of property maintenance. The average family home is a complex mixture of systems that give you water and electricity and regardless of the style of house, it will need some TLC.

Here are a few common maintenance tasks that are carried out on buildings.

  • Roof inspection – The roof is without doubt the most important component as it protects the interior from the harsh elements and once a year, in the Fall, you should ask a local roofing contractor to carry out a roof inspection. This would include cleaning out the guttering, ready for the winter, while a power wash and silicone sealant will protect and prolong the life of the roof. Missing tiles are replaced with matching units and any minor issues are repaired on the spot; the property owner receives a detailed report on all aspects of the roof and the whole thing takes but a couple of hours and is well worth the cost.
  • Driveways, Terraces & Paths – Concrete and stone are impacted by the seasons and every 6 months, using a power wash machine will restore the surfaces to the original state. Asphalt should be closely watched, especially if the layer is less than 4 inches. Moss is common and the high-pressure water gun can remove all moss from your driveway and terrace, while stone can be treated with certain products. 
  • Water Filtration – Check out
    where you can find water filtration systems and they require regular filter changes. The supplier would happily carry out the work and this will ensure softness and pure drinking water for the whole family; if you have yet to add a filtration system in your home, search with Google for the nearest supplier and check out their range of water purification and filtration products.
  • Electrical Inspection – Once a year is all it takes to ensure that all is well with the power system; rodents can eat cables and let’s not forget corrosion, which can cause a short circuit. The T-Safety switch should be tested and this is something your local electrician can handle; if you need a few extra power points, he will be happy to oblige.
  • Damp & Woodworm – Either of these can literally destroy a house and if you suspect dampness is present, call in the experts and ask them to do some testing. If caught early, woodworm is easily treated and the contractor protects the timber with a special application, reducing the risk of a repeat experience. Here are a few tips to promote your career, which might be useful.
  • Drain Inspection – Once a year (spring) you should have the drainage system inspected and power rinsed to clean the interior surfaces. The drain cleaner utilizes a go-anywhere buggy with a video cam onboard, which allows him to take a close-up look at any section of the drains and carry out repairs when required.
  • Timber – Most houses have some timber and this either needs to be painted or treated; fencing, window and door frames, plus joists and rafters. Take a walk around the house, checking all timber and make a note of peeling varnish or paint and ask a local painter to pop round.

Here is some US government information on building maintenance, which will ensure that your investment is well-protected.


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