Tweet To Sell


by Mitzi Ilagan |

Hashtags and tweet replies aren’t just enough to make your business be heard in the Twitter world. Conversations in this social media platform are just like face-to-face encounters with your clients, customers and even competitors. Here are some tips to make these interactions more productive and income-worthy:

  1. Link location: A recent study by Dan Zarella using heat map on tweets with links on them showed that placing links closer to the beginning got higher rates, rather than on the end, which most users do.
  2. Go multimedia: With GIFs now working, Twitter could really be of great help in marketing creatively, where you could also use photos, videos and of course, text.
  3. Use the reply feature carefully: Sometimes, when replying, threads do not show up, or you might reply only to your account.
  4. Work with influencers: These people with incredibly massive number of followers are who you need. If they love your product or service, they might advertise on their own. But if you need them and they don’t know you yet, introduce yourself, name the price, and let them work for you.
  5. Use the List feature: Through this, you could keep track of who regularly tweet, like and retweet, with most impressions and interactions so that you’ll have a better idea of whom you should target.
  6. Give rewards: For the Tweople who patronize your business, thank them by giving rewards and creating promos.
  7. Use the Advanced Search feature: You could narrow down your parameters in searching for your competitors’ hashtags and customers through this. Search for a term using the search bar. On the left-hand side, click the Advanced Search on the menu (which is at the bottom).
  8. Stalk your competitor’s accounts: With your shared interests, you could easily keep track of their followers and customers which you could follow, too.

If you think that the 140 character-limit is distressing that you could not say everything, follow these steps them and then see how you’d grow. Keep tweeting!

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