How to Turn House Cleaning Into a Workout! (Infographic)


Kat Buckley, Negosentro |  If you’re one of the lucky people who enjoys house cleaning then great but unfortunately many of absolutely detest it. In this infographic from a company called HappyCleans providing house cleaning in Oklahoma City you will learn how to turn house cleaning into a workout so hopefully it will encourage you to do it a bit more often.

Before you begin it’s time to sort the music, so throw on your favorite Spotify playlist or album before you get started as this will help to keep you motivated. It’s also generally best to get into some old clothes as cleaning at speed is sure to work up a bit of a sweat. Also, as you’re cleaning try not to snack too much as all your hard work will be wasted.

One of the tasks we most regularly put off is dusting and that can really get hold of a house if we leave it go too long and dusting is particularly important for people with allergies. One hour of dusting burns 174 calories in just an hour so if you spend a morning cleaning you will likely burn over 500 calories. If you want to make dusting a little bit more difficult, there is the option to add light ankle weights to your wrists to help tone your arms.

If you’re considering doing up the house painting and decorating can burn some serious calories. In just 30 minutes you shed around 160 calories so if you spent a weekend giving the house a makeover it will make a big difference.

Even more mundane tasks such as loading the dishwasher and making the beds every day still help with fitness. For example, just making the beds every day will burn 130 calories so it might make you like doing this job a little bit more.

Other everyday tasks such as taking out the trash can also be a bit of a toning exercise. These bags can get pretty heavy when they’re full so they can be a good chance to do some bicep curls. Just lift the bags up and down maybe 10 times before getting rid of them. It’s important to take any small chance you get to do some exercise.

If nothing else, the fact that you know it’s a workout will hopefully make you a bit more willing to clean your home on a more regular basis in future.