Treatment of Auto Accident Injuries in New Jersey

Treatment of Auto Accident Injuries in New Jersey How Do You Handle the Aftermath of Your Car Accident? Car Accidents
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Treatment of Auto Accident Injuries in New Jersey | Millions of citizens in the United States are involved in automobile accidents each year. On a global scale, auto accidents account for 3827 deaths daily and about 50 million disabilities and injuries annually. Car accidents result in low back pain, whiplash, and other injuries you may not feel immediately. Therefore, it is always recommended that you seek immediate medical treatment. Schedule an appointment online today with Samwell Institute for Pain Management for treatment of auto injuries in Colonia, New Jersey. Below are the treatment options with such injuries:

Physical therapy: Specialized physicians perform physical treatment through a personalized program involving therapy and exercises. The primary purpose of physical therapy is to alleviate pain, treat injuries, restore motion, and improve the range of movement. This form of treatment is suitable for patients suffering from back pain, sports-related injuries, neck pain, and auto accident injuries.

Splints and braces: These options are used to treat patients suffering from fractures, sprains, and strains, which are very common in car crash injuries. Professionals must be highly experienced in these techniques for the best results. They must also understand various types of injuries and forces involved in auto accident injuries.

Medications: Medications are a short-term remedy used to complement other forms of treatment. Most of the medications are pain-relieving drugs that facilitate the overall treatment plan. Oral and injection drugs are used to cure or prevent illnesses. However, in the case of auto accidents, they are used primarily to relieve pain from related injuries.

Strengthening and conditioning: Treatments after auto accident injuries are meant to restore an individual to their regular leisure, work, and life activities. Car crash injuries often result in loss of strength and deconditioning. Strengthening and conditioning are used to restore and improve conditions by reducing pain and facilitating restoration. It is important even if the injuries did not cause loss of strength and conditioning.

Massage therapy: Specialists use therapeutic massage to loosen soft tissue, improve circulation, and relax muscles. These three help reduce pain and facilitate recovery. Massage should be performed by a qualified physician.

Myofascial release: This form of treatment aims to relax muscles, stimulate muscle stretching, and improve circulation. Myofascial release is a soft tissue therapy that focuses on the fascia, a tough and elastic connective tissue that covers most structures in the body, including muscle tissue.


When you arrive in a hospital, the first step is to diagnose your condition to determine the best treatment possible. The doctors will ask about your medical history, perform a physical exam, and administer a series of tests to establish the main problem. After a successful diagnosis, they can pinpoint the exact injury you suffered from the auto accident and tailor a specialized treatment.

Dr. Shah from Samwell Institute for Pain Management is dedicated to helping patients recover from car crash injuries. Surgery is also an option if other forms of treatment do not work in reducing the pain. Book an appointment online today if you experience stiffness, reduced mobility, and pain in muscles after an auto accident.