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Negosentro | Top Unique Employee Benefits Your Company Can Offer | Many employees consider employment benefits to be just as significant as salary when it comes to finding a new job, so many companies are expanding their idea of what should be included in benefits. Here are some unique benefits you can offer to your employees.

Think Outside the Box With Health Benefits

Full-time employees will expect to have standard healthcare benefits, such as medical, dental and vision, but there are more exciting options you can add to the mix as well. Many companies have added on additional health options, including massage, acupuncture and chiropractic care. Your company may consider adding mental health services and support into the equation, as mentally healthy employees will perform their jobs better with consistency. While healthcare is essential to having satisfied employees, you may consider diving a little deeper into wellness benefits as well. Wellness can be a broad umbrella term that may include many additional perks. Nutritional support, gym packages or even treatments such as red light therapy benefits could be considered if you want to expand employee perks. If it’s financially feasible, your company can think more holistically about what healthcare benefits look like and seek to strengthen the health and wellness of your employees. Typically, healthy employees are happy employees, and happy employees tend to perform at a higher level.

Strive To Find the Perfect Work/Life Balance

Employees crave a healthy work/life balance above most other benefits regardless of how positive and productive your workplace is. While staying open and keeping employees working is important to the bottom line, many companies are opting to incorporate additional mental health or staff decompression days into their schedules as a way to ease burnout. Even occasional days off can increase productivity, which benefits the company and team equally. Alternately, building a more flexible work culture, where possible, can have a similar effect as added days off of work. Sometimes, life gets in the way of work, but by encouraging more flexibility, the work can still get done on time. If employees are more prolific working from home, letting them do so as your business allows can significantly impact staff morale and productivity. Another perk that many companies are increasing is time off for parental leave, which is sorely lacking in the US and can significantly increase hiring interest and employee retention. You may need to get creative to improve work/life balance at your company while still ensuring that any changes are equitable and beneficial to your business. Staff input can be invaluable on this topic.

Start Small and Build Up Over Time

Employee benefits don’t have to be extravagant and costly to the company to be effective. Many people are happy to receive an occasional free lunch, company gifts for milestones and even community service outings for team building. When you think of small benefits, consider ways to combine perks with ways to foster healthy team relationships and positive working habits. Something as simple as offering a morning yoga class can have a lasting impact. Unique benefits can vary greatly, so it’s wise to ask employees what they want from you. Some companies have started offering free book programs to their employees, a simple and inexpensive way to spend breaks or time away from work. Creativity abounds, especially in the smaller benefit realm, so spend some time getting to know your employees and seek out or create benefits for them that they genuinely want. No matter what you choose, any benefits that lead to higher employee satisfaction will increase your company’s productivity and potentially lower costs by decreasing turnover.

The concept of employee benefits can be expansive but can yield immense payoff in the long run by attracting and keeping stellar employees. These tips can help you find creative ways to boost your existing benefits package for the better.

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