Top Tips to Save Your Time and Money When Buying a Used Car

Buyin- a-Used-Car

Richard Harrier, Negosentro |  Buying a car is a big decision, and buying a used one is even bigger. It can sometimes take ages before one is finally sure that a car is exactly what they wanted and that it is in a good state. Here are a couple of tips to help you not waste time and more importantly not waste your hard-earned money.

Know what you want

There is a reason behind everything we do in life. Make sure you know why you are making a certain decision, in this case make sure you know what you are buying and why. Do the research and see which models out there would suit your needs. You need to be flexible so you have to have several makes in mind before you actually leave your home in pursuit of a new used car. Knowing what you are after will save you a lot of time and eventually no one will be able to fool you.

Consider the unwanted ones

Check which models are not considered popular and run them against your criteria. See if there is something that fulfills your requirements but perhaps is not your first choice due to its size or current trends. The chances are that owners are eager to get rid of these vehicles at a price which is gentle on your pocket.

Think about the future

Make sure you get good quality for the price you are paying. There is no point in buying a cheap car if you end up investing a lot in it. The car you want needs to be cheap to maintain and the parts easy to find. Otherwise, even if you buy a really good vehicle, you will regret the low price you paid as soon as it starts breaking down.

Secure the funding

You know exactly what you can afford and the best money-saver here is to offer a cash payment. However, if you do not have enough cash left aside for this expense, you will have to take out a loan. Shop around, and get a loan with the best interest rate, best being the lowest. Do not get a loan in a dealership as you are bound to lose the most. Also, if a dealership knows you do not have a number set on a car, they will push your limit and you will end up buying something you did not initially intend to for more money than you originally had in mind.

Buy from amateurs

Your best bid is to purchase a car from a private owner as opposed to a dealership. The owner is more likely to be sincere about the vehicle’s general state.  This is of course not a reason not to take a reliable Car Mechanic with you to have a look at the car. The owner is perhaps not aware of certain faults or at the end of the day is not as sincere as I said they would be. Also, another reason to avoid dealerships is a price, a private owner will not calculate their commission into the price, unlike dealers.

Be willing to take even more risk

As we all know, buying a used car can be risky, not life threatening but face-palm threatening. There is a way of making it even riskier. You can save a lot of money by visiting car auctions. They are exciting and you can pretty much flush everything written above down the drain but they are a way of getting rare finds and good bargains. The downside is that you cannot take your mechanic and have them inspect every car offered at an event, they will only be able to look at them after you have made the purchase. A good news is that an auction can ensure you still have enough money to fix whatever may be wrong with the car. You know yourself better than I do, be willing to give up when bidding for a car in order to stay within your budget.

There is a thing to remember when buying a used car, you do not have to settle for less or pay more. The offer is always growing and if you miss one car, you will be able to find an alternative worthy of your money.