Top Tech Support: 8 Must-Know Tips for Delivering the Best Tech Support

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Great technical support is crucial for a business and can help every part of your company to keep running strong at all times. Unfortunately, while your IT support employees may be technically savvy, that doesn’t mean that they’ll necessarily be able to provide the best service to your company. Providing great tech support requires more than just technical skills to get the job done right. 

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll give you the 8 top tips that you can help you offer the best tech support at your company.

1. Ensure Employees Have the Right Attitude

One of the keys to providing great IT support is to have the right attitude and demeanor.

Anybody on your technical support team needs to be friendly and personable. They should be comfortable when interacting with any other employees that they’re offering support to.

Technically savvy people aren’t always the most sociable, so you need to make sure you promote positivity and kindness in everything that they do. They should know how to talk to the people they’re helping and should be patient when helping someone who isn’t knowledgable about the latest technology. 

2. Speak the Right Language

In addition to being more personable, it’s also great for a tech support team to work on their communication skills when providing support.

Using too much technical jargon when walking someone through an issue can frustrate them.

It’s a good idea to listen for a little while first to get an idea of what each individual’s technical level is. Then, based on that information, your tech team should be speaking to them in terms that they understand.

If someone isn’t technically savvy at all, then your tech team should speak in simple terms to make sure the person they’re helping understands.

3. Offer Multiple Contact Options

Having multiple ways to get in touch is also important for any technical support team. If there is only one way to get in touch with your tech support team, it will be much less convenient for the people you serve.

At the very least, anybody who needs assistance should be able to reach your tech team through email and through telephone. However, it’s a great idea to give them the option to reach you through live chat or through social media pages as well.

By offering more options you’ll be able to provide better support and your company’s employees will find it much easier to get help when they need it.

4. Be Prompt

A great tech support team should also move fast when fixing problems and responding to any inquiries that come in. Many people can get impatient if they have a serious technical issue they’re trying to get worked out.

While you may not always have staff available to speak with them or to fix their problem, make sure that you at least communicate them. Let them know if you’re busy but also that you’ll get to them as quickly as you can and that you’ve heard their request.

Make sure that your IT team is always moving as quickly as possible throughout the day if you want your tech support team to be effective.

5. Consider Outsourcing

If you want to offer great tech support at your company you may also want to consider outsourcing some or all of the tech services you need.

When you outsource technical support you’ll experience a lot of advantages that you may not have expected. Outsourcing can cut down on costs and can reduce the need for hiring more staff regularly. 

Another great thing about outsourcing technical support is that you’ll be able to provide support to your company 24/7, instead of only during limited times.

If your tech support team is only available during regular business hours but some of your company’s employees work at odd hours or stay late, outsourcing tech support can be incredibly beneficial.

6. Stay Organized With Software

Using customer support software is also important for delivering the best technical support in your company.

The right software can help your tech support team to stay organized, particularly when it comes to handling regular maintenance tasks throughout the week. Customer support software can help your tech team to keep track of what needs to be done and who needs assistance and when.

This software can cut out the energy it takes to gather and maintain information.

It can help free up a tech support crew to do what they do best. Instead of spending a lot of time organizing their schedule and communicating with other employees, they’ll have more time to simply solve the many technical tasks that arise throughout a given work week.

7. Choose the Right Employees

Having a strong hiring and training process is also crucial to providing excellent technical support at your company.

You should vet any employees that you hire thoroughly to ensure that they’ll not only be able to handle the technical side of things but that they’ll also have the other skills necessary for the job.

An IT employee should be extremely reliable and also comfortable interacting with other employees throughout the day. Be sure to ask them the right questions during the interview so that you’ll know that they’re the real deal. 

Additionally, once you choose employees to hire, be sure that you have a lengthy and in-depth training process to ensure they’ll give the best support possible in your company.

8. Create Online Troubleshooting FAQs

Creating an online troubleshooting FAQ is also a great idea when it comes to providing great technical support in your company.

Many people will be able to diagnose their own problems with just a little bit of written guidance.

By giving company employees access to tech support resources, they’ll often be able to handle their own issues well enough, and in many cases, they won’t have to call tech support at all.

Doing this can save your tech team plenty of time and energy and will allow them to focus on only the more serious tech problems. It will also allow anybody who is experiencing problems to get them resolved more quickly.

Ensuring You Offer the Best Tech Support At Your Company

Providing the best tech support doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is important for your team to adopt a few best practices and improvements to get it right. By using the tips above you’ll be able to offer great technical support within your company and get any problems resolved quickly and easily.

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