Top Specialized and Professional Podcasts

Professional Podcasts | As the world progresses further into the 21st century, it has become more apparent how pertinent technology has become. People from all over the world utilize web-based technologies, from social media to healthcare innovations. The Internet has changed much throughout our society, and witnessing its prevalence around the globe only shows us how true this is. One way that the web has altered our culture is through the type of media we experience, and how we consume it. Cable TV is becoming less relevant as streaming services like Netflix and Hulu take its place, and more types of media than ever before exist within our world. 

One of the most prevalent forms of newer media are podcasts. Podcasts are the future of audio media, as they have the charm of old radio shows with audiences listening to them, as well as having a modern flair with the ability to stream at will on the web. There are numerous types of podcasts that exist, but those that are focused on specialized and professional facets are generally the most intriguing. Learning about the top podcasts in these categories are incredibly helpful to those who want to enlarge their base of knowledge. 

Switched on Pop

While there are numerous specialized podcasts to listen to, one of the most innovative is Switched on Pop. This podcast is hosted by two music professionals, songwriter Charlie Harding and musicologist Nate Sloan. Harding and Sloan delve into the nuances of the music industry, as well as break down pop songs and help listeners understand what makes a hit. Learning about this facet of the field allows listeners to contemplate what this says about our culture, and have a greater understanding of the music industry. 

HBR IdeaCast

There is a myriad of professional podcasts that exist, but none quite compare to the show run by the Harvard Business Review: HBR IdeaCast. While everyone knows how innovative and thought-provoking the Harvard Business Review can be, not everyone can find the time to sit down and read it. This is where the podcast comes in, as it allows you to learn about stimulating topics covered by the magazine from the comfort of your headphones. It is incredibly informational and is one of the most informative podcasts around. 


Another top specialized professional podcast is Mixergy. This show, hosted by Andrew Warner, connects ambitious listeners with a multitude of experienced business mentors from numerous fields. Warner is an exceptional host, as he has an aptitude for asking difficult and intriguing questions that make his guests think and give profound answers. When listening to Mixergy, you will learn about anything from business models to origin stories of companies. Discovering this exciting topic will certainly allow any listener to learn about the business world and to truly expand their thinking.

Final Thoughts

As the 21st century continues to evolve, we will only see podcasts become more relevant than ever. Specialized and professional podcasts are some of the most interesting types of shows, and tuning into these great podcasts will allow you to expand your mental horizons. 

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