Top POS Software For Shopify – A Detailed Review of Vend POS

online retail Vend POS

Shopify has its own retail and online Vend POS software, yet it is liberal enough to let merchants use others if needed. Given a choice, Vend is a top quality POS for any merchant across the globe. This POS software is being used by a number of merchants across business verticals and geographies. A sophisticated inventory management system, an ability to track sales across all sales channels, extensive integration with a number of third party software for various services etc, are some of the features that make Vend a top quality software for Shopify as well as other store building platforms. Let’s have a look at the features that make Vend a top quality POS service provider for your Shopify POS.


Whichever level of functionality you have subscribed for through Vend POS Software, you can get a free 30 days trial. When the paid subscription starts, you need to pay it monthly through your credit card. You can even prepay for a year, and in that case you will be given a discount on the monthly subscription. However, this facility is not present in the starter plan. The starter plan costs $99 per month paid annually at a time and $119 per month if paid monthly. If you have just one outlet and a monthly turnover of $20,000 you can opt for this. You need to choose the $129 per month subscription, if you have more than one but less than 6 stores. If you have more than 6 outlets, you need to subscribe to the Multi-outlet option and you have to ask  the company for the monthly charge for the same. What is intriguing is that even the basic plan supports unlimited products and unlimited customers and helps with inventory management.

Cloud-Based System

The Vend POS software works locally, but stores data in the cloud. This is why even though operations occur locally in your web browser, in case of a network outage, the cached data from cloud is able to run things locally. As the network resumes, it automatically syncs the sales figures.

Hardware And Operating System Requirements

You have to have the Google Chrome browser in your computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone in order to use the Vend POS software. Whatever the device may be, it must be running at least Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.5. Depending on the device, Vend offers three POS software bundles. These are the Mac bundle, PC bundle and iPad bundle. These contain all the hardware needed for setting up a POS in any location.

Ease Of Use

If you sign up for the free trial, you can take a tour of various features of the POS software yourself. You click on a specific link and you are taken directly to that page. There are quick links for processes like adding products, adding customers, setting up taxes etc. So you can get the hang of the system just by visiting the pages from the dashboard. All the pages are quite pretty self-explanatory. Even the moderately minor functions of the software like inventory management, loyalty program etc are quite simple to use. There are not many reports of merchants facing any inconvenience in using this system.

Any Industry, Any Business Size

Vend is a versatile POS software. You can use it irrespective of the type of industry and size of store. Except the service and hospitality businesses, it is apt for almost every kind of business. Because of a lack of tipping, table management and modifying features, it is not suitable for the service and hospitality industry. However, merchants do use it in cafes and simple food distribution businesses. Moreover, whether you have one store or a dozen stores, it does not make any difference to the software. What is really intriguing is that it even offers a free version of the software for very small businesses.

Value Added Integrations

The Vend POS software integrates seamlessly with the Xero accounting software. This is a online accounting software for small businesses. This software lets you get a real time picture of your cash flow. It can create professional grade invoices while tracking sales and also send updates when the invoices are opened. It can import all your transactional data and categorize them into different categories like Credit Card, PayPal, banking etc. It also boasts of a Xero mobile app through which you can manage your businesses finances on the go. You can also calculate your employee’s payroll with the help of this software.

Vend also works seamlessly with Shopify to sync inventory between your webstore and your retail store. This way, every time a purchase is made, whether in your retail store, or on your web store, the inventory is seamlessly up to date and in sync across both channels! Any updates you make to your products on Vend will automatically reflect on Shopify as well. All of these advantages have made Vend one of the top POS software providers for the Shopify POS system.

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