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Several key businesses throughout the Philippines are now offering loyalty cards more than ever before. These establishments have come to appreciate the importance of retaining customers, and have put in extra efforts into implementing a system that aims to build and strengthen customer loyalty. Customers, especially Filipino families with huge expenses, would do well to use these benefits to their advantage.

Groceries and shopping

Grocery costs for Filipino families, even the most frugal ones, can really rack up. As groceries are an expense you cannot avoid anyway, you might as we ll make the most savings you can get from them. One of the best ways you can do this is by acquiring an SM Advantage Card. The card will let you earn points that you can use to purchase goods. It will also have you qualified for discount deals offered exclusively to members. Another great advantage of an SM Advantage Card is that you can use it when you are shopping at the chain’s department stores. SM also has many partner establishments that will let you use your advantage card. Offered at only Php150, it is a wise investment.

Another card avid shoppers must have is the Robinsons Rewards Card. Just like the SM Advantage Card, you can use it in both the supermarket and department store. You can also use it for the purchases you make at Toys “R” US. You can have the card for only Php150.


As any parent would know, a National Bookstore card comes in handy for back-to-school shopping. For every peso you spend, you earn one point if you present your card. This can amount to something, as your ePurse gets credited Php10 for every 1,000 points. This translates to considerable savings if you are out shopping for new sets of school supplies. The card is also useful for people who just can’t resist going to the National Bookstore and buying a book or two when at the mall. Now you would not have to feel too guilty with your splurges, as you would at least be making some savings through the card. A Laking National Card would only cost you Php100, or Php60 if you are a student.

Another card passionate bookworms should have is the Fully Booked Discount Card. At Php700, the card is more on the pricey side. You get what you pay for though, as the card comes with considerable perks. It will instantly grant you 10% discount on cash payments and 5% if you use your credit card. You can also use the loyalty card to avail discounts at 360° Fitness Club, Urban Ashram Manila, Press Cafe, Figaro, and Ayala Museum. If you pay Php10,000 for a single receipt, you can get the card for free!


Another card that is ideal for students is the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Swirl Card. CBTL is a great place to study for an exam or just chill with your friends while enjoying a wide array of coffee and tea-infused drinks. You can have a Swirl Rewards Card for only Php195. The card can both function as a loyalty card and a cash card. It also lets you earn five points for every Php100 you spend (with every point equivalent to Php1), and will give you access to their reliable and fast WiFi.

There’s also the Starbucks Card for every coffee enthusiast. Starbucks provides a stored value card which you can use to purchase your next coffee. You won’t have to pay any additional fee. The initial Php300 you put in can purchase a coffee right away. You also earn one beverage star for every handcrafted coffee you order; 12 stars will get you a free drink. And the card will have you celebrating your birthdays with a free Starbucks coffee too!



If you are on the road a lot, you might as well earn some points and make some savings from the gas you purchase. This is especially fitting as gas prices tend to be volatile. You can sign up for the Petron Value Card. You can use the points you earn as payment for services or products in participating Petron establishments. You get one point for every Php250 you spend, with every point valued at Php1. The card will also let you avail special discounts on their products. For one, you can get 5% off on SMC products at the San Mig Food Ave. To avail of the card, simply fill up an application form and pay Php100 at any Petron Service station.

Medicine, vitamins, and supplements

Leading an active and healthy lifestyle has caught quite the buzz. People no longer just head over to drugstores when someone is ill, but also so they could buy stuff that would help them stay healthy. Purchase a Mercury Drug Suki Card so you can earn points for the purchases you make. This translates to considerable savings, considering that many individuals are spending on supplements alone. Customers earn one point for every Php200 they spend. The points they earn can be used for future purchases. The card also provides access to exclusive discounts. To acquire a Suki card, you only need to present a receipt worth Php1,000. Accumulated receipts will be honored as well.


There are also cards for the foodie in you. This is especially ideal if you like to eat out with the family. You can purchase a Happy Plus Card at any Metro Manila branch of Red Ribbon, Mang Inasal, Greenwich, Chowking, and Jollibee. Every Php50 worth of purchase will win you one happy point, which can earn you treats. Simply fill out an application form, pay Php100, and you can have a card that provides rewards plus the convenience of cashless transactions.


Before you have your next adventure, secure a loyalty card that will help you save money in the long run. Sign up for a GetGo Membership Card so you can earn points when you book a flight. The points you earn will let you redeem a free flight. To register, you can visit the GetGo website and pay the Php150 fee. For every Php5 you spend, you earn one point which is equivalent to Php1. The more you fly, the more you get the chance to fly for free.

Money Transfer

If you have kids who are away for college, there is a chance you may be transferring money a lot. You can sign up for a Palawan Suki Card so you can get extra perks and make some savings. You can choose from three Suki Card variants depending on your needs. One functions solely as a loyalty card, the other two also function as remittance cards and ATM cards. One variant can even serve as a Visa cash card. All Palawan Pawnshop cards provide discounts on remittance fees and pawn interest rates, as well as rebates and other exciting perks.

It is wise to get some value out of the expenses that eat up the greater part of your monthly income. One of the best ways to do this is to make the most out of loyalty cards. Use them to your full advantage.

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