Top Gaming Payment Gateway in PH – Epaygames – Open to ventures, Launches New Site

Top Gaming Payment Gateway in PH - Epaygames - Open to ventures, Launches New Site
Top Gaming Payment Gateway in PH - Epaygames - Open to ventures, Launches New Site

NEGOSENTRO | Top Gaming Payment Gateway in PH – Epaygames – Open to ventures, Launches New Site | Epaygames has launched a website for potential business ideas. | Since its inception, Eplayment has been on a mission to continue empowering digital entertainment by providing easy access to finance solutions. With the goal of bringing the ever-changing area of gaming and entertainment, as well as the dynamic terrain of virtual finance, to everyone through its tools and services, Eplayment is working on developing Epaygames as one of its fundamental entities, alongside the Eplayment Wallet.

The company began its journey by creating a foothold in the market through the creation of gaming and esports content. They saw firsthand the barriers to creative freedom and creator monetization. Eplayment decided to enter the world of fintech with a newfound ambition to fix the structural problem. This resulted in the creation of Epaygames, a payment gateway.

Epaygames began accepting payments in 2019 and was the first to offer a payment solution for esports contests. Its first application was when Esports competitions required a registration fee, and Epaygames became the payment aggregator for well-known Esports tournament platforms such as Mogul. It has been in business for almost two years and has already processed over two billion dollars in payments for its clients, primarily in the casino industry.

Epaygames is a new commercial website that accepts payments for gaming, entertainment, and other social platforms. Epaygames guarantees real-time transactions with over 4,000 touchpoints in the Philippines.

Customers may expect simple, quick, and secure transactions through the gateway. Clients are guaranteed a superior service with 99 percent uptime. Epaygames strives to be a world-class payment gateway for the gaming, social, and entertainment industries. Payments and payouts are guaranteed to be hassle-free thanks to its partner channels. The essence of Epaygames is its efficiency, efficacy, and quickness in processing payments for its clients.

This year, Epaygames is focused to assisting authors with different content and followings with their disbursement requirements. The Creator Gift will be introduced to Eplayment’s pool of artists and communities as an initial step in supporting the creator economy as one of its beta features in parallel with the Eplayment E-wallet. This functionality will allow creators to receive payments and gifts from their patrons via a single stream wallet, which will be reimbursed straight to their Eplayment account.

Epaygames and the Eplayment Wallet let Eplayment realize its ambition of unleashing the full power of fintech and entertainment.

Epaygames is Your real-time payment partner for your gaming, entertainment, and social platforms.

About Epaygames

Epaygames is a payment gateway service that enables gaming, entertainment, and social platforms to easily process payments across major channels, e-wallets, and payment touchpoints nationwide. To know more about Eplayment’s latest services, visit Eplayment’s website at or Eplayment’s official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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