Top free cloud-based text editors

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Image Source: | Top free cloud-based text editors | Text editors are programs that aim to enable any user to make revisions on their work. It seems dull yet, it is essential in many companies worldwide. There are text editors that suit experienced writers, and some are for amateurs. Some can also be identified as an integrated development environment. This means that aside from editing, you can do a lot more things with these platforms.

The following are the top free cloud-based text editors that you can utilize when doing programming. 

  • Sublime Text

This is a widely used platform that carries out numerous data processing. A free version with limited functions is available so you could check if it suits you. A paid version is also available. All you have to do is to pay $80 so that you can continuously keep your account active. The amount looks expensive however, it comes with a per-user license. This means that you can use this platform on any computers you would want to access it with. One of its advantages is it has the advanced attributes that you could expect on a text editor yet, has a low resource usage. It also provides different shortcuts and tools to easily access its functions in just the blink of an eye. It also supports a huge span of markup and coding languages. If the said languages are not available, you can easily search and install thereafter. 

  • Notepad++

Nowadays, it is a famous text editor. It is a closed- pack program without cost yet has strong editing elements. It is an outstanding platform because of its user- friendly design. Notepad++ is simple to comprehend compared to other platforms. It is designed for amateur and wannabe developers. It can also be translated to over 80 dialects so that people around the world can get access to it. It also has a documentation feature that will be very useful. Composing and controlling text in Notepad++ is simple because it uses syntax highlighting and folding. It has a tool that will let you design your user interface at your preference. It contains a list of plugins that can enhance the function of this platform. It has a function list that shows the outline of all the applied functions in the present file. Also, it can easily search functions used when working on huge documents.

  • Vim

It is a well-founded platform that incorporates many famous tools. It also supports both Windows and MacOS. It works for both command-line interfaces and as an independent app in a graphical user interface. Vim gives a structure that is user- friendly so many users can access various plugins while using this platform. It does not matter what kind of programming language you were utilizing because Vim is incorporated with numerous languages and supports various file formats. Many developers would say that it has an old interface but it still has the strong feature that an amateur developer can use. If you want to try something new, you can use Nano. It is a good alternative for Vim that is utilized by many developers. 

  • Brackets

Brackets generally focus on HTML, CSS, and JAVA. It is a contemporary program that is chargeless and available in open source. It is a tool that is accessible for those aspiring programmers and developers. It comes with a basic design and is usable in 33 dialects. It also has advanced tools and plug-ins which you can utilize anytime. It was developed by Adobe and held by MIT License. Also, it works in PHP programming, code hinting, and live preview of editing.

  • TextMate

You can download this program for free. However, it also comes with a paid version for $59 only. This platform can only be accessed on MacOS. At first glance, it looks like a basic text editor but, as you work on the platform, you would see plenty of useful functions. TextMate supports all kinds of programming languages. Lastly, upon updating the program when the latest versions become available, you can also see the list of changes and updates made.

If you are still unsure on what platform will suit your needs, you can look for research paper examples about web and front end development. These will give you scientific ideas on what to choose and where you can get the most benefit from doing your task. Aside from giving you ideas on what editor to use, it will also provide you with a great concept on what techniques and technologies to utilize upon developing a website.

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