Top Considerations to Make When Choosing a Remote DBA Expert

Remote DBA Expert

Sujain Thomas, Negosentro |  Before hiring remote DBA experts, it is important that you appraise the capability and competence of the company when it comes to supporting your database. Keep in mind that the expertise and commitment varies from one service provider to another, and to ensure that your database performs well and is safe, it is imperative that you choose the right service provider.

Therefore, you need to carefully review the expertise and credentials of every prospective remote DBA services firm. The following are important considerations that you should make.

Experience of the Remote DBA Service Provider’s Team

Extensive field experience should be among the requirements because the uptime and health of your database is essential for the operations of your business. According to experts, you should give preference to firms that have experience of about six years in Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, whichever you use.

The firms should also have experience in troubleshooting database issues. Qualified DBAs should be at hand to monitor the system so that potential issues are identified and addressed before they become worse.

Dedicated DBAs versus Call Centers

Make sure that your calls are not handled by call center operators but by qualified dedicated DBAs that are familiar with your business and its database. It is important that you have a team of DBAs dedicated to your account so that you don’t waste time talking to people that know nothing about your company’s database.

Furthermore, it is important to hire a firm such as that will assign a senior DBA to your account on a fulltime basis. This would add a level of reliability because in the event of system issues, there will be no delay resulting from a junior DBA relaying crucial information to a senior DBA for resolution.

Location of the Remote DBA Firm

A service provider located in a country in a different time zone may not have DBA experts available to serve you during your peak hours. Moreover, should any legal issues emerge, complications may arise as a result of legal jurisdiction. In addition to that, different styles of communication and language can be problematic if support staff use their native language.

Service Provider’s Track Record and Credentials

It is imperative that you ascertain the track record and credentials of the remote DBA firm. When working with a well-established firm that hires highly qualified DBAs, you can be sure that your database will perform at its peak. Review the firm’s portfolio of previous work and find out how satisfied its previous customers were.

A good relationship that has lasted over a long time is an indicator that the remote DBA firm delivers good-quality services.

In conclusion, the remote DBA firm should provide you with a report detailing the processes it follows with regard to their services. You should only consider firms that use modern tools and applications to support your database. This would enable the service provider to provide reliable ongoing monitoring, notification and resolution of database issues.


Sujain Thomas has worked as a database administrator in the IT industry for 13 years and has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to programming and SQL. Learn more about hiring the best experts at


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