Top Car Modifications That Can Increase Performance

Top Car Modifications That Can Increase Performance Car Mechanic
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Negosentro | Top Car Modifications That Can Increase Performance | Car enthusiasts generally fall under two types – one loves to keep their rides as stock as possible, and the other loves to modify and upgrade parts to ensure better performance. They both want to have a safe and roadworthy vehicle, but they express their views differently. One keeps as close to the original; the other tries to improve performance with aftermarket parts.

Modifying specific parts with aftermarket options ensure that the car looks and performs much better than envisioned. With better technology, vehicle owners can increase the performance and efficiency of their rides without spending much.

If you’re interested in modifying your vehicle, but you can’t do it alone, you must find a reputable shop to help you out. You can check out Ignition Auto for assistance and guidance. They have the best mechanics and the requisite know-how to improve your vehicle’s performance, regardless if it’s vintage or a modern classic.

Here are some of the top car modifications you can invest in to increase performance.

Shock absorbers and springs 

If you want to have a smoother ride regardless of road conditions, you need to invest in a good set of shocks and stiffer springs. These will help you keep your tyres in contact with the pavement, and they’ll absorb much of the impact when you encounter bumps or humps on the road. In addition, they’ll keep your car as stable as possible.


While the original tyres will probably be alright for performance, you need to ensure that your set will provide the best traction for your car. When upgrading your tyre set, you have to consider several factors, but foremost would be road conditions and the climate. In addition, you mustn’t look for cheap tyres because they might not last long and provide unremarkable performance.

Suspension bushings

Rubber bushings will wear out regularly, depending on how you drive your vehicle. So you need to ensure that your bushings – they’re the ones that absorb vibration, noise and stiffness in the suspension system – will always provide enough support for your vehicle. In addition, choose performance-oriented models to ensure better responsiveness to different conditions.

Limited Slip Differential (LSD)

Your vehicle needs a sound limited-slip differential system to ensure that your wheels maintain solid contact with the road. Your wheels don’t wear off similarly, and the LSD will identify which wheel has more wear, and it will transfer power away from that wheel to the ones with better tread life to ensure better traction. This also helps reduce the wear on the axle shafts.

Dashcam and alarm system

You need an excellent dashcam to record what’s happening in front and the back of your vehicle. This will come in handy should anything happen while on the road, as the recordings will help you out. Couple this modification with a responsive alarm system, and you’re going to have a secure vehicle.

Fog lights

If you want better visibility during rainy or foggy days, investing in a decent pair of fog lights would be great.


Modifying your vehicle increases its aesthetics and performance, and value. However, you must be prudent to ensure your vehicle will continue to be roadworthy.


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