Top 8 web development trends in 2021

Top 8 web development trends in 2021
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Top 8 web development trends in 2021 | We defined the hottest trends in web development:   

  1. Simplicity in design

Nowadays, the psychology of the buyer is arranged in such a way that the most important thing for him is a minimalistic design and a user-friendly interface. You can make a very beautiful and complex design, add all kinds of functionality. This is undoubtedly cool, but the user will be lost among the abundance of graphic elements.

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A potential client who visits any site is distinguished by its absent-mindedness and inattention. Beautiful photographs, correctly chosen colors, simplicity and visual accent on the most important objects are your key to quick sales.

  1. Mobile version

In our agency we think it’s the most important thing for each website. No matter how trite this item may sound, mobile traffic is a very large percentage of visits to your site. Mobile traffic has grown by over 30% over the past couple of years. From which we can conclude that, first of all, work should be started with the usability of the mobile version.

A well-designed mobile version is a very large part of your future sales!

  1. Video reviews

Provide an alternative to text description. Adding video reviews is your advantage over the competition. Agree, instead of the usual description, it is more interesting for you to watch a high-quality review, in which you will learn not only about the advantages and disadvantages of the product, but also clearly see its use.

  1. Personalization

Don’t be afraid to do something new. Your main goal is to be remembered by the client. Come up with a light and catchy name, a beautiful and simple logo, choose a readable domain. The best thing is to do branding of your website and develop your own unique and inimitable brand book. Pay special attention to your font.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

All online store owners know that more than one person is behind the work of each of them. This is a whole team: support, developers, managers, warehouse workers and many other specialists. Chatbots will help you make the trading process more automated and delegate routine tasks. Chatbots can guide a user through an automated sales funnel, answer frequently asked questions, redirect them to the pages they need, and much more. This will help the client get a lightning-fast answer to a question of interest and not get lost on your site.

  1. Voice search and navigation

Voice search is gaining popularity rapidly. Among the drivers of growth is the development of technologies in smartphones: almost all modern models are equipped with a voice search option.

More and more people communicate with devices by voice, and with the help of developing machine learning technologies, artificial intelligence recognizes more and more complex queries.

  1. MedTech

The coronavirus has given a powerful impetus to the development of digital medicine. Remote consultations and medical tech solutions are needed both by doctors who find themselves on the front line and by patients who are deprived of the possibility of face-to-face communication with a doctor in quarantine conditions.

  1. Progressive Web Apps

They started talking about progressive web applications (PWA) a few years ago, and every year the technology attracts more and more investors and developers. Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Pinterest, Starbucks, Aviasales and other brands use PWA-powered apps as their main product or in addition to a mobile app.

PWAs are great because they allow you to:

– browse websites in a mobile browser with the same speed and convenience as on a computer, incl. offline;- create a unified experience of using the product on any device;- shorten the development process compared to native apps.