Top 6 Profitable Businesses Your Kids can do this Summer


Summer is getting near and while you are thinking of fun filled adventure for you kids, why not consider teaching them entrepreneurial skills this time?

Here are the top profitable businesses to choose from:

  1. Garage sales.

Because summer just happened to be your kid’s vacation, parents have more time to clean the house and gather “found items” (old or outgrown clothes, shoes, slippers, old toys, books, bags etc.) which could just end up in the trash can; why not try to teach your kids a bit about business by selling these items?

  1. Selling foods.

Since it is school vacation time for the kids, they can set up a food stand to offer snacks for your neighbors. The options are endless from street foods (fish balls, egg balls, kikiam, hot dogs, burger, sandwiches) to different kinds of refreshments (ice candies, fruit shakes, halo-halo, lemonade etc.) to homemade goodies (cupcake, pancake, cookies, biscuits, candies and more!) your children will overcome shyness and sharpen their ability to negotiate with other people.

  1.  Profit from their crafty side.

Children, especially school aged, love trinkets and other crafts. So help them set up a business to sell the items that they love. It may vary from beaded bracelets, hair clips, necklaces, picture frames, or printed cards. They get to enjoy what they love doing and earn from it.

  1. Grow and sell.

Flowers and some vegetables are in season during summer so you can teach your children to plant flowers and vegetables a month before summer and in a time of harvest, they can earn from it.

  1.  Cleaning service.

Nowadays, getting kids to clean up their own room is a challenge. So at an early age, you can teach your kids the value of hard work by helping them earn money through cleaning a neighbor’s garage or dusting their house. They can help clean up small items such as shoes, bags, and other small stuff for a fee. Or, they can offer assistance on small stuff while the customer is cleaning the house.

summer-business 2

  1. Pet sitting.

If your kids love pets then they can take care of neighbor’s pets while its owner is away. This may include feeding, giving a drink, grooming, washing away poos and pees, and walking the pet.

While you are teaching your kids, keep in mind that you are not after the money but the value, skills, and confidence that your kids develop while engaging in these businesses.

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