Top 5 Ukulele Tuners in 2019

Ukulele Tuners

Ukulele players that have been playing for a number of years, or are professional, often choose to tune their ukulele by ear. Whilst tuning by ear is, if you know what you are listening for, the most convenient are time-efficient way to tune your instrument, a good tuner will always provide you with an accurate, consistently in-tune ukulele. You can read more about finding the best ukulele tuner here.

In terms of selecting the absolute best ukulele tuner, a chromatic tuner should always be opted for when looking at a chromatic and non-chromatic option, since they provide the most accurate reading of the note.

It is also important to remember that the “best” ukulele tuner is not necessarily the one with the most features, the largest price tag, or biggest display. A good ukulele tuner must meet a number of specific requirements, and one tuner may be the best for one particular application by one person, whilst another tuner will be better for a totally different application.

The Korg CA-40: The Korg CA-40 has an extremely accurate microphone that will detect will notes from a ukulele, and can play pitches back as well to help the player tuning the ukulele.

This tuner also boasts input and output jacks, allowing you to plug your ukulele in to tune it, should your ukulele be electric. This tuner is great as it has some great features that cater for many different types of player and different types of ukulele. It’s also not big and bulky, which is always a positive!

Boss TU-80: The Boss Tu-80 is a chromatic tuner and metronome built into one compact package. There is no volume control on the metronome feature of this tuner, but this should not be too much of an issue for ukulele players since it is not a particularly loud instrument. This tuner is considered to be well-made by many, and from a respected brand.

Korg TM-40: The Korg TM-40 is a chromatic tuner that also has a built in metronome. It has a sensitive built in microphone that is fantastic at detecting the pitch of the string in question . This tuner is a wise option if you were planning on purchasing a metronome as well as a tuner, since this offers both in one good unit.

Snark SN6: The Snark SN-6 is a great tuner for the ukulele. It is a clip-on style tuner that recognises and uses vibrations coming from the neck of the ukulele to detect the note being played, and shows via a small gauge-like display the direction in which the string should be tuned.

KLIQ UberTuner: The KLIQ Uber has a specific ukulele tuning mode that provides great accuracy. It is a clip-on tuner that can be positioned in 3 different ways so that the excellent screen can be viewed at ease from any angle. The UberTuner offers five various tuning settings for ukulele, chromatic, guitar, bass, and violin. This tuner is well rated in the market for its accuracy and efficiency, and at a low price, is recommended by many!