Top 5 Scientifically Proven Strategies of Rewarding Your Employees

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There is no doubt that employees expect and deserve some kind of acknowledgement when it comes to their work. Who hasn’t worked for a business only to find that you are never noticed for your suggestions or input? This can be a critical thing for most people when deciding on whether or not to work for a company at all.

Many of us work eight to 10 hour a day and want to feel appreciated by our employers as we give up our precious time. However, there are some companies in line with doing the right thing by their employees. Here are five scientifically proven strategies of rewarding your employees and ultimately keeping them from jumping ship.

Honesty, support and respect

Most of us have all been there when you feel that management is operating on a different level than you. This begins when employees don’t feel valued or even acknowledged for that matter. What business can do within their culture and management system is being completely honest with their staff. Let them know where the company is going and what revenues look like.

Share with them the quarterly outcomes whether they are good or bad. This makes employees feel like they are in it together and not an assembly line. Further, managers and owners should have the staff’s back and be supportive. A suggestion box or open door policy is good.

Employee’s count on their owner’s support during difficult times whether at work or at home. Most importantly is treating your staff with respect. Give them the understanding that they are viewed as much as a professional who deserves respect as the owners.

Reward Programs

Reward programs are one of the best ways to ignite and keep morale at an all-time high. Every company should do this every month. Staff or specific individuals needs to be called out for their excellence, dedication and contributions.

No skill or task should be too small to mention. If you have that employee that shows up every single day at the same time, never misses a work day and has been there for years, then they need a plague, a ribbon or even a vacation getaway on the company for which one can refer to Power2Motivate for some better ideas to reward your employees.

Nice place to work

There are only a few people out there that can honestly say they have a nice place to work. A business should make this a priority when dealing with staff. This means no tolerance on the silliness that offends other workers, no harassment of any kind should be allowed and situations need to be addressed quickly. No one wants to work at a place where huge things are ignored and fester while making everyone miserable. A company that has a nice place to work will keep their employees longer.


While a business might be holding ceremonies to recognize staff, they should also be taking aside specific employees to give them positive feedback. This should be done on a one on one basis. It gives the employee a sense of pride.

Feedback needs to also be given to managers letting them know they are running their departments. Feedback is one of those things that is often craved from staff silently as many people can begin to feel like a number. Positive feedback is always the way to go when connecting with employees.

These are some of the ways to reward employees at a business, but with much thought, you can always come up with some more. The idea is to appreciate your employees overall. Take the time to acknowledge their work and time that they give to the business.

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