Top 5 Places to Visit on Your Trip to Thailand

Trip to Thailand

It seems like there is more and more hype about Thailand as a travel destination these days. All of this hype is for good reason too. People come from all over the globe for the beautiful beaches, kind people, and affordable amenities of Thailand.

If you are considering a trip to Thailand, then you need to plan wisely. It would be a shame to fly halfway around the world and miss the very best of this amazing country! The following list is of the top places to visit on your trip to Thailand.

1. Bangkok

Busy and crowded, Bangkok is nonetheless one of the favorite destinations of tourists in Thailand. The capital city has all of the amenities of a modern city, but with a distinctly Thai flavor. On your trip to Thailand, make sure to make this city more than just a layover on your trip.

There are enough things to do in Bangkok to warrant an entire trip in this city. Whether you are exploring temples, admiring the incredible skyline of buildings, or eating tasty street food, you will be enjoying yourself. Make sure to plan ahead and experience the best of the capital city.

2. Chiang Mai

As the largest city in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a popular destination for tourists. The city is attractive for a number of reasons. The city has many places worth a visit like the Underground Ancient City or elephant sanctuaries.

Chiang Mai has also become somewhat famous as a temporary home for digital nomads. Digital nomads are individuals who work online for a business and travel continuously as a lifestyle. This city could be attractive to you if you are someone who can work remotely. Consider Chiang Mai if you are a freelance programmer or an attorney with one of the cloud-based case management systems.

3. Chiang Rai

Located in the very north of Thailand, Chiang Rai is a mountainous region. It is bordered to the east by Laos and to the west by Myanmar. Chiang Rai is much less crowded and populated than Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Many tourists travel to Chiang Rai to experience its natural beauty. In addition to this, the demographics of Chiang Rai are more of a mixture of hill tribes and Chinese lineage present. This makes for a unique cultural experience that many tourists seek.4. Ko Samui

Ko Samui is an island located in the Gulf of Thailand. It is well-known for its beaches, mountains, and world-class resorts. One famous attraction of Ko Samui is the giant statue of Buddha at Wat Phra Yai temple.

Many travelers come to Ko Samui to relax and enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches. Some visitors take advantage of the island’s numerous health-conscious activities though. There are many opportunities to partake in activities like yoga, meditations, and massages. These activities can help to relieve the stress of being in a tropical paradise.

5. Phuket

Phuket province is located in southern Thailand and includes the country’s largest island. The island is situated on Thailand’s western coast and is surrounded by the Andaman Sea. Famously, Phuket is home to some of Thailand’s most sought-after beaches.

In Phuket, there are numerous resort towns and opportunities for an idyllic beach vacation. The province also has some nightlife with bars and clubs to enjoy a night out of fun. Phuket also has interesting art galleries and ample shopping opportunities if those are things that interest you.

Thailand is a beautiful country to visit. It has a fun and loving culture, a beautiful natural environment, and affordable prices. Make sure when looking at any website trying to plan your trip to include these top places to visit in Thailand.

by Kevin Gardner, Negosentro