Top 5 Countries Where Everyone Wants to Settle Down

Top- 5 Countries where everyone wants to settle down

Heather Garcia, Negosentro |  There can be a number of reasons to quit one’s home country in quest of greener pastures, but choosing a country to settle down can prove to be an overpowering judgment. Job prospects, salary, safety, quality of life and childcare are only a few of the issues to think about.

Because of terrorism, robbery, massacres, homicides and natural disasters, today’s world is rather unsafe. Everyone wants to find a safe place to settle down. But today it is very difficult to locate such a safe country.

While the growing crime rates cause us to despair, strict laws, values, culture, an effective judicial system and good economy are responsible for making certain countries safer than most other countries to live, raise children and contentedly retire. So, here we present top 5 countries where everyone wants to settle down.

  1. Australia: Whether you intend to pass your retired life or bring your kids up in some quite happy and peaceful surroundings, Australia is definitely one of the top choices. Australians are extremely friendly and they take pleasure in multiculturalism. Australia offers a large variety of schooling choices, and children have more opportunities to pass their time in entertaining outdoors. Thanks to these factors, it is an ideal place to raise kids in.

Young students as well as professionals across the world consider Australia as their most coveted destination. It provides all its citizens with an excellent quality of life and nice healthcare facilities by means of both public and private systems. In brief, Australia presents a reasonable fresh start for anyone having energy and skills. These are the reasons for which people love Australia.

  1. Canada: 20.6% of the total population of Canada consist of foreign nationals and it has the highest rate of immigrants per capita in the entire world. Canada has a highly commendable healthcare system. All its citizens as well as permanent residents can get “universal public health insurance” at cheap prices. People can avail the treatments of universally lofty standards at both public and private hospitals by making use of this Medicare.

As regards employment, Canada offers immense opportunity with lots of open positions in real estate, financial services, energy sectors and in the communication business. Although during winter Canada is freezing cold for over six months, people living here do not grumble on it much. So, if you choose to settle in Canada, you can hope to get a peaceful and high quality of life.  

  1. Germany: It is one of the best five countries in the world for expatriates bringing up children and 82% of expatriates express their faith in the economy of this country. It is as well thought to be a very safe place thanks to its stable political system and low rate of crime.  
  2.  Sweden: it is considered by expats to be the number one country to grow a family. It comes first in both quality of childcare and total cost of childcare. One of the strong points of Sweden is its stable economy and it ranks first in job security as well as work/life balance.
  3. United States: It is the biggest economic power in the world and people get fascinated by the US for career growth, financial freedom and a good family life. The living cost depends on the city and New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco are the costliest. However, many prefer to live in the US for its lofty quality of life.

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