The Top 4 Ways to Use Bitcoin Earnings


Alex Murphy, Negosentro | Almost everyone is looking to invest in Bitcoin. Those who had invested a few years ago are already enjoying huge profits.

Bitcoin is obtained through mining, trading or buying. While investing in this cryptocurrency is very rewarding, most people don’t know how they can spend the profits they have made.  This is because Bitcoin has not yet been accepted as a valid method of payment. But there is hope. Some enterprises have already embraced the blockchain technology. Although there are only a handful of such enterprises, it’s anticipated that more companies will follow suit in the near future. Below is a list of how you can spend the earnings you have made from investing in this precious cryptocurrency.

  1. Buy Trading Robots and Computers

Nowadays people are trading in cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. There are those that trade manually while others prefer to use robots. In fact, robots such as the Bitcoin Loophole are much better because they open and close your trades automatically. You therefore don’t need to be around to make profit. This gives you the convenience of being able to make money on the side while concentrating on other duties. If you have accumulated many Bitcoin, you can use them to buy such robots and start making money even when you are sleeping. And that’s not all. You can also use your Bitcoin to buy computers and laptops. Dell and Microsoft are currently allowing their customers to purchase devices from their stores using this cryptocurrency.

  1. Shop at Online Stores

Bitcoin earnings come in handy when you want to buy stuff from online retail stores. This is because they give you the privilege of shopping without having to spend real bucks. But before you start adding the items that you want into the cart, it’s advisable you first check whether the store accepts payments via cryptocurrency. If they don’t have a sign that indicates that they accept Bitcoin, you will have to use cash or credit cards. If you want to shop at popular stores such as Amazon and Walmart, you will not be able to pay for products with your Bitcoin. However, you are allowed to use apps to get gift cards that you can use to make payments while shopping on either of the retail stores.

  1. Dine and Wine in Hotels

Even if you are so broke, as long as you have a considerable number of Bitcoin, you can still enjoy delicious meals at a fancy hotel. Some of the leading hotels and restaurants in US are already allowing their customers to pay for drinks and food with Bitcoin. You should therefore never sleep on an empty stomach when you have cryptocurrency. And if they have a casino at the hotel, you can also use your Bitcoin to gamble.

  1. Help Charitable Organizations

If you like giving back to the society, you can now donate your Bitcoin to charitable organizations. This is because such organizations are nowadays accepting donations that come in the form of cryptocurrency from well wishers around the world. When you give them such donations, they sell them and use the profits to fund their projects.

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